lost in her eyes
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lost in her eyes
Author :faithoxox
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1 first meeting

Walking down the same gloomy street I do every day on the way home from school. today I went to my best friends house to study so it was much darker than usually was . My stomach was screaming at me so I decided to nip into the local cafe , it was nearly closing time so I went to get it to take out . I entered the cafe and looked around . it seemed like a grave yard , no one was in . I approached the counter and impatiently tapped my fingers . after waiting about 2 minutes I called out hoping someone could hear me .

" Um hello ..... is anyone in ".

.... .......

seriously this is terrible customer service. I turned to leave as a tall figure walked out from the kitchen and called out to me .

"ahhhhh sorry about that didn't hear the door"

I spun round defiantly to stop dead in my tracks . stood behind the counter was a surprisingly handsome person . my gaw dropped slightly as I studied their features .

tall figure , amazing jawline , pink plump lips , ocean blue eyes with mega long lashes and mousy brown hair tied loosely .

hold up a second , I ran my eyes across their features again .

HOLY SHIT ......

the beautiful creature in front of my face was female !

my faced flushed red as I realised I've staring for farrrrrrrrr to long . I made eye contact with the person who was smirking like she knew What was going through my head.

she seductively lean across the table never breaking eye contact with me .

I honestly felt like my face was on fire .

" so what is a beautiful young girl doing out here at this time " she said .

I could barley choke out any words .

" Um .... I um ..... food "

my innocent stuttering made her smile spread .

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    《lost in her eyes》