Unforgettable Journey
4 Friendship“s Over
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Unforgettable Journey
Author :blackashpurple17
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4 Friendship“s Over

Early in the morning, Ash wakes up. She wasn't able to sleep properly because of too much thinking about her bff. After all her daily routine before she go to her work done, she fetch her car from the garage and ride it.

While she's on the way, her phone rings. "Oh! Dai, I'm on my way to the office. Wait me there. Bye." she ended the call without even hearing any word from her secretary.

"Wheeze, what a lucky day, guess what dai... I was not caught up with the traffic. HaHa." Ash's said humorously when she arrived at her office.

However, her secretary just stared at her seriously. Dai stands up and crosses her arms in front of Ash. "Miss. San, can I talk to you likewe usd to? I mean like how we used to talk when we were young?" she calmly ask.

"Oh dear, sure my childhood friend, hehe." she responded while giggling.

A demonic smile was drawn at her secretary after she heard received her respond. Ash's feeling became unexplainable. Her goosebumps started to scare her.

To ease the fear she's having because of what Dai have done, she took her steps towards her table. But, she's startled when her secretary stopped her by holding her wrist.

"Umm, D-dai, what's the matter? Y-you are scaring me." she said stuttering. On the other hand, Dai is just surely doing fine. In fact she seems to enjoy what's happening because, she smiled ear to ear. She pulled her boss towards her and face it to her.

"Dummy!" Dai flicked Ash's forehead with full force after saying that word. "Aww! That hurts. Have you gone insane?" her boss complain while rubbing her forehead roughly.

"Yes, indeed I have gone insane Ash. The CEO was burning on fire because you didn't come to his office yesterday! I do not know why did he act that way though, I know you can not escape from his eyes right in this moment." Ash was taken aback of what she heard from her secretary.

She leaned against the glass window and stared at the cars running all over the city wildly. Likewise, the buildings which are as tall as the heaven when she's to describe it. She face Dai with a normal act now.

"I'm sorry Dai, I know you are not used to see angry persons especially when they are angry about me. And I know it is hard for you to control yourself because you were talking to the boss." She run towards her secretary and hug her so tight. "I miss you."

"I miss you too. If you only knew how much I wanted this time to come, hehe." Dai adjusted herself from Ash's arms and looked at her boss's eyes.

"Look, I was really scared at Mr. Gin yesterday. For how many years I have been working here, it was the first time I have seen him gone so mad like a wild dragon. I wanted to smack him and punch him so hard because of what he act especially it you whose he is referring to." She aggressively said while punching her palm gently and kicking at the air like a child.

"Hahahahaha." Ash burst in laughter. "You are so funny as always Dai. I didn't expect you are still the same. Nagging about stuffs you want to do but couldn't do. Hehe." And with that, she patted Dai's head.

"Oh right! the CEO wants you in his office now. Before you enter the office, he was just a minute away from here." Her secretary said.

"Oh yea, I should come to him by now. I wanna witness how wild the dragon you're saying is. Haha! Kidding. See you." Ash joked.
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Ash went out at her office joyfully but then, that joy she has in her whole, was faded away. Her joyful face turned into a sad face. This happens when she remember Nish, her bff. She withdraw her steps towards Gin's office.

Gin is already bored of waiting for Ash to come. He impatiently shut the door of his office right after her stepped out of it. "Hey! where are you going?" He shouted when he saw the VP did withdraw her steps towards his office.

"I must end it now. I can not bear to handle this. I can not bear to hear anymore gossips about her and me." While running towards the elevator, she is tearingly reminiscing what the employees said about having connection with an International company which is not business related.

"I don't want to abandon my career. I need it. I really do." She entered the elevator in shocked when she saw the three employees staring at her and whispering to each other.

"Could it be possible that Miss. San is the one?" the other employee whispered to the other one loudly as if she meant it. "Possible. But why? She must know what's the cost of it. She'll lost everything. Haha." responded by the other one who was wrapping his arms at the other employee's waist.

"Millions of people died cause of whispering." She stated before leaving the elevator. Their faces cannot be painted when she said those words which cause her to smile and gain her confidence to do what she's been planning.

On the other hand, Nish is so excited to see her bff. She seated at the passenger's seat of her red Ferrari and waited for her driver. After a while, her driver arrived and started the engine of the car. "To the airport mister!" she cheerfully commanded.

Ash grabbed her phone from her pocket and rang Nish's number. "Hello? beshie Nish, I have something important to sa---" her words was cut by what she heard on the other line. "What? you're at the U.S International airport? W-why?" she asked in shocked.

"I'm coming for you beshie Ash." Nish smiled from ear to ear while waiting for her flight. She was able to reach the airport for the short time because her driver take the shortcut to the airport.

"No! Don't come here. It'll just worsen the situation. Look, let's end this friendship now." Ash said. Without knowing her tears is already flowing through her face.

"What? No! No beshie, I know you are just kidding. Say you're kidding!" Nish couldn't help herself but to cry. She does not care whether the people stare at her. "I cannot afford to lose you. Please."

Ash wiped her tears and straightened her back and lifted her chin. "And I cannot afford to lose my career. It's final let us end our friendship!"

"You are selfish!" Nish shouted on the other line. 'I'm sorry Nish I'm just protecting you. I don't want you to lose everything as well. It is better to end everything and be selfish than to risk everything for nothing' Ash thought while ending the phone call and taking her paces way back to the building where her office is.

( Author's note: "()" means author's note. " ' ' " means character's thought/s. "*" means sound effect. Hehe, sowiee peeps. Thank you for reading anyway and love ya'll. )

"Calling all the passengers for...." Nish is walking upstairs to the airplane spacing out. 'I can't believe this happened. Wait for me beshie, I will clear everything to you and to everyone.'

Ash is walking towards the building's doorway when she heard someone. "Shit!" A man's voice said near her position. 'Huh? was someone listening to me? Oh gosh, please no. It can't be possible.' She abandoned her thoughts when she realized that she's already in the elevator.

When she came to her office, her secretary wasn't there. But the., arrived in a rush. "Dai, what happened?"

"Ash, oh... Miss. San rather. The CEO wants to see you in instant he is really mad now I and I do not know why. You dummy! you didn't come to his office. Did you?" She nagged at her boss's face in worry and in fear.

"I did not." Her words shocked Dai but then she just tapped her secretary's shoulder and walked pass through her. Then, walked calmly, putting her left hand into her lefy pocket and putting her right hand into her right pocket which makes her looks perfectly cool.

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    《Unforgettable Journey》