Unforgettable Journey
2 Gossips
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Unforgettable Journey
Author :blackashpurple17
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2 Gossips

Another day of working career began for Ash. From lying down at her bed, she yawned and stretched out.

"Good morning world!" She looked up at her wall clock and smiled widely when she realized that she still have a lot of time before her working time. "6:13 A.M huh, I still have more than 2 hours free."

She joyfully prepared the things she'll be needing in her work. Then, Ash grabbed her bathtub towel and went to her bathroom.

After a half hour of bathing, she dressed herself casually. She is now wearing a white long sleeve inserted into her jeans, along with brown leather boots.

"Oh dear! you look great! Good morning to you sweetie." Her mother said amazed by her daughter's appearance and then planted a sweet kiss on her cheek. "Thanks mom, good morning to you, as well.

Hmm, what do we have here?" she asked while smelling the sweet aroma of the food. "Right! I made your favourite pancakes, bacons, eggs and toasted bread with butter."

Ash smiled from ear to ear and hurriedly seated herself for her yummy breakfast. "You're amazing as always mom. Come and join me, I still have much time left."

Ash is now on her way to her office. Unfortunately, she is caught up with the traffic at her way. "Oh yeah, how lucky I am. I'll be late if this traffic will continue till the next 30 minutes." she muttered irritated.

As what she expected, the traffic lasted for more than half an hour. Ash parked her car and arrogantly shut her car's door as soon as she went out of it.

"Jerk Gin will surely kill me if he caught me being late again." Panic hit her when someone spoke behind her. "Jerk huh!" "Mr. Gin, umm.. I'm sorry I.. i di--" the CEO cut her words by giving her a sharp look.

Gin approached her and went as close as he can do. Their lips are just inch away from each other. A meaningful smirking smile formed at his face while Ash was frozen in her position. "You'll pay for it later, miss." he muttered to Ash's ear sexily then, walked pass to her.

Meanwhile, Ash is still regaining her consciousness. She couldn't imagine what have just happened. They almost kissed and she's still stocked to his fragrant.
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"He smells nice and his breath is... is so---. "Yah! Are you stupid? Get out the way!" the man who was about to park his car nagged at her. "I'm sorry, sir." she apologised when she realized that she is blocking his way.

She checked her time and was shocked when she saw it. "Gosh! I'm late more than late! No!" She has no choice but to run through the elevator.

As soon as she reached her office she let out a deep sigh of relief. "Where are the employees here?" She wandered around when she noticed that her co-workers wasn't at their places.

"Dai, where are the others?" she asked her secretary who has happened to sit across her desk. "At the kitchen, miss." Ash's brows met. "Why?" Her secretary looked up at her with disbelief. "You don't know, miss?" "I should have not ask you if I know, Dai." she responded with a mocking smile.

"I'm sorry miss. Well, there're gossips that are passing each mouth of our employees." Ash shrugged for she knows that her secretary and herself are ain't interested of any of those gossips. "Okay, get back to work."

"Speaking." Gin said through the phone. "Yes, I'm aware of it. Hold on there, this is just the beginning. Get back to your work and work as what have planned." He ended his call and called out for Fin, his assistant. "Tell me every single detail you know about the gossip Fin." "Yes, sir." Fin answered bowing at the CEO.

Meanwhile, Ash felt her stomach crumpled. "Argh! I'm hungry, Dai take care of the office works for a moment. I'll just go get some food." "Yes, miss."

She went out of her office and happened to drop by the kitchen. She saw some of the employees chit chatting with each other. She just ignored them and grabbed a cup and made herself some coffee.

"Oh, Miss. San, you're here." one of her co-worker said. "Obviously" she responded coldly. "Have you heard about the gossip?" "No, I'm not interested, anyway." "But, you must be. It is an important matter." an another employee said. She stared at them in doubt. "Fine, speak."

"The gossips stated that there's a person who is in a high position in our company happened to have a connection with one of the respected person in an International Company." Ash smirk and responded, "So?"

"This connection is not related to business. Plus, we all know that when it ain't related to business someone who caught up in action of having connection to this International Company will be removed in his/her career Miss. San." Fin, the CEO's assistant said.

Ash were shocked of what she heard. She felt nervous and doubtful to herself. She cleared her throat and excused herself and went to her office as soon as possible.

"What's wrong miss? Are you okay? You look pale?" Dai uttered. "Yea, I'm okay. I'm just... nothing, just get back to work." Her secretary seemed to hesitate but in the end, she still followed her higher up co-worker.

"I should check her. I'll call her." Nish said while ringing Ash's number. "Hey, Beshie! How're you? Are you doing fine?"she asked her dearest friend with worries in her voice. "Yes, I am fine. By the way, are you aware of the gossips?" Ash questioned her.

"Well, umm yes beshie, I'm sorry. I didn't know that the employees of your company are ain't allowed to have connections with our company." "Sigh, it's okay. I'll think about it, Bess. It isn't allowed because of the issues that might happened. Our works are crucial for friendship." Ash said calmly.

"I agree to you. I work for a company which abandons people while you works for a company which adopts people." Nish answered.

"I'll talk to you later beshie Nish. I have to deal with something right now." Then, Ash ended the call. Nish let a heavy sigh. "Everything will be okay."

Dai heard her senior whole conversation with the other on who were on the phone. "Miss? you--" "Yes, Dai. Please keep it as a secret. I know I can trust you." she said to her secretary hopefully. "Yes, miss. You can count of me." she assured.

"Dai, can you go get some food and pain killers for me?" Ash weakly asked her secretary. "Yes. Yes, miss." Her secretary went out of her office running. "She must have been worried of me." A smile in her lips were formed cause of her thoughts.

Walking forward, backwards and vise versa, are the things Ash been doing since her secretary went out. "Higer position? A worker in this company, a respected person of an International Company? Could it be me and Nish? It is possible.

I am the Vice-President which means I am in a higher position of this company and Nish is the... wait what?" she thrilled her words and hurriedly went to her desk. "No, it's impossible."

She's sweating while searching for her best friend's information. "Om my god! No no no! This could not be happening." She's in total shocked of what she read at the article about Nish.

"Fin, call Miss. San to my office now! Hurry!" Gin ordered his assistant. "Yes, sir!"

"Now, I get. This gossips wouldn't spread If she is someone ordinary. She approached me for some important matters. The CEO must have known something about this." Ash thought verbally.

"Miss, here's your food and medicine. " Finally her secretary returned. "Thank you."

Both of their attention were focused to the person at the door of Ash's office. "Miss. San, Mr. Gin, summon you for a very important conversation to his office right now." The CEO's assistant said with authority in his voice.

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    《Unforgettable Journey》