Unforgettable Journey
1 Friendship“s Beginning
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Unforgettable Journey
Author :blackashpurple17
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1 Friendship“s Beginning

Simple is the only thing Ash can describe how she lives her unending life. From the very beginning of her career at a company where, people in relation to this, is ought to help those person who has nowhere to go, she had never been interested of making friends.

However, she must've been coped up to this for it is indeed needed in her career rather than work.

Sitting calmly on her swivel chair, Ash were quite startled when her phone vibrates. "Hmm, an email? From Nish Min? I have not encountered this name even for once." she curiously uttered.

While reading it, a meaningful smile were drawn at her stunning innocent face. "I see, she wanna be friends with me. Oops, bestfriend rather."

Ash read out loud what she is typing, "Sure thing, it's a good thing to have a friend... bestfriend I conclude, working on an important company," then sent it.

She's interested to this new person in her life. Specially, she feels comfortable towards this person, namely Nish Min.

"Tsk" Ash turned her attention to the tall, masculine, handsome and emotionless man standing at the door of her office. She raised then bowed. "Mr. Gin, how long have you been there?"

Instead of answering her question, Gin just dropped a file on her desk and then spoke. "Look over this file. Keep it for a while."

She's kind of processing of what he meant. But then, before she could have questioned him, he already left her office. "Argh! Annoying as always will do."

The file that's on the desk was not scanned by her. Instead, she just set it aside at the secured drawer for she knows that the CEO wouldn't have handed her if it ain't that important at all.

After her work, Ash dropped by the department store to buy some goods for herself. "Hello?" she answered when her phone rang. "Right, this is Nish Min. Ash, right beshie?" Nish said confirming. "Oh yes, how may I help you?" Ash answered formally.

Nish smirked, "Be casual when you talk beshie. I just wanna confirm if you do really accept my proposal." "Proposal? I did not receive any, though."
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Nish frowned for some reason. "You do not ha-- no, the proposal I meant is our friendship." she giggled hardly.

"Ah right! of course I do bessie Nish, it's an honor to have a dearest one in my life." Ash responded joyfully. "Ahm, Nish? hello?" she uttered when Nish ended the call without even bothering for a signal. "That's strange, eh."

"Damn, my battery is dead!" Nish annoyingly sounded. "I'll just send her an email." After a while, Ash responded to Nish's email.

"That was actually what I was about to ask you beshie, but now I know how did you get my contact information. I forgot that it is actually stated at my profile."she read verbally.

As soon as Nish read Ash's reply, she let out a sigh of relief. "Lou!" she called out for her assistant. "Yes, ma'am?" she answered abruptly. "Calm down, I want you to do some more additional research about Eytch Company's objectives." Her assistant went out of her office as soon as she recieved the order.

"How odd, an employer of an International Company summoned me for some sort of friendship, eh." Ash suspiciously said to herself.

"Don't be ridiculous dear, I'm sure that new friend of yours is just that friendly at all. There's nothing to worry about." Sei, her mother cleared to her suspicions.

"Besides it's a good thing to have and to start a new friendship, dear." She just smiled to her mom as sign of agreement. "You must be tired dear. Come on, pull yourself together and eat your dinner before sleeping."

"Yes mom, don't worry I'll eat. So, you can rest now." She gave her mom a warm hug and a sweet kiss in her cheeks. "Goodnight dear." Goodnight mom."

While driving home, Nish couldn't get Ash off her mind. "She must've just asked me why I am interested of her. Though, it seemed not to be the case. "She forcefully speed up her car.

"I must do this, I cannot let you down for you are important beshie." Nish, reached her home and parked her car in her garage. When she got off her car, she's kind of shocked when she saw her house was lit in a dim light.

"Is someone here?" She searched her house and stopped her gaze at the figure sitting at her couch. "Let's talk." In her surprised, she run towards the man and hugged him.

"It's been a while." she said in tears. "I heard some gossips running and passing around people's mouths. You're involved and..." he cut off his word. "Alright, I already knew it." she responded satisfyingly. "Good"

"Argh, I cannot sleep. I should've been happy cause I already have a so-called bestfriend now. However... oh no, erase erase." She grabbed her pillow and hugged it while staring at the ceiling.

"Well, i mustn't think any negative about our friendship, besides it's a good thing to have a friend like her. She's kind of a good friend, though." As of these thoughts of her, she closed her eyes gently. "This day is so unbelievable yet cool. Good night world."

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    《Unforgettable Journey》