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The vampire princess Season 1
Author :Ceciliaflowers
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69 Chapter 69

@@We went to the station to meet Viola's father.

" My king, what is this nonsense I am hearing?"

" You were the one who eliminated the divine doctor family,"

" I did not,"

" Don't lie, there was a witness,"

" A witness?"

" Yes,"

I come in.

" She is their daughter, her mother sacrificed her life to save her,"

" Seems you have got me, I did not regret what I did at all,"

" You, lock him up,"

" Yes," They are about to lock him up.

Viola arrives.

" Please, Nadia forgive my dad,"

" Viola,"

Damian pushed Viola aside.

" Viola, not only your father killed her family, he put a lot of danger on all of us. If she is not here, we would have all been dead by now. This is not something anybody can forgive,"

" Viola, I am sorry,"

Viola was crying. I feel pity for her. Her father is going to jail.

" My king, please forgive my father,"

" I am sorry Viola, this is something I can not do,"

We all left.

[5 years later]

I did the princess test and I passed it. They made me a princess. The king and queen go back to their own palace. Ever since that day we never saw Viola. Nobody knows where she goes to. I got pregnant and I had 3 children.

" Dad, mom is still sleeping,"

" Don't worry I will wake her up,"

Kevin went to the room.

" You got to wake up,"

" Let me sleep more,"

" We need to take these children to school,"

" Okay, I am awake,"

I hugged Kevin.

We are so happy. Everything seems so peaceful.


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    《The vampire princess Season 1》