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The vampire princess Season 1
Author :Ceciliaflowers
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68 Chapter 68

[The next day]

I went to Earth with Amanda. Kevin opened the portal for us.

" So how will we look for it?"

" Let's try the medical shop and see if they have this list,"

" Are you not going to visit them?"

" If I go and visit them, I don't think I will leave, let's go and look at the shop,"

" Okay,"

We went and be looking at the different shops to see if they have the list. We went to one shop.

" Do you have all these things," I gave him the list

" Yes, we have all of them,"

" You have, that is good,"

" Are you a doctor?"

" Yes, can you give it to us,"

" Ok, wait, let me bring it for you,"

The man went inside and started bringing out what we need.

" This is all,"

" Thank you,"

" How much is it?"

" It is 600 dollars,"

" That much money?"

" Yes,"


" Take this card, you will need it,"

" Why are you give it to me?"

" There is enough money here for you to use,"

" Is there human money inside?"

" Yes, there is,"

" How do you get it?"

" I will tell you later,"


I gave him the card, he uses it and we went back to the vampire world.

" I am so tired,"

" Should I dropped it in the kitchen?"

" No, don't,"

" Take it to my room,"

" Okay,"

We went to my room and I saw Kevin.

" Kevin, what are you doing here?"

" Can't I be here?"

" Amanda, drop it and leave,"

" Okay," she went to drop it.

" I will leave now,"

Amanda left.

" I thought you will go out,"

" I don't want to leave my wife alone,"

" What, who is your wife, I never agreed," my face was so red.

He hugged me.

" Nadia, I am sorry for not being there when you need me,"

" Don't be sorry, it is not your fault, nobody knows it will happen,"

" If I have not have missed our appointments that day, I could have saved you and your parents,"

" Kevin being here for me is the greatest thing you have ever done, I am happy about it. I love you,"

" What did you say?"

" If you did not hear forget it,"

" Come on say it again,"

" I said I love you,"

Kevin kissed me.

" Kevin,"

" Do you know how long I have been waiting for you to say that?"

" Well, you have heard it,"

" You will take the test right,"

" Yes, I will,"

" I love you too,"

" I need to start making the cure right now,"

" Okay,"

[One week]

Viola left.

It has been one week, I was able to make the cure. All that is left is to test it on people. I gave it to Phillip we are waiting for is Phillip to tell us the result. The queen has been nice to me, and she apologies all the time for what she did without realizing who I am. I forgive her because she must have a reason for hating humans. I wanted to ask her the reason why but I could not bring myself to ask her. Philip arrives.

" How is it?"

" It works perfectly,"

" That is great,"

" We need more of the medicine,"

" I will make more,"

" Lionell,"

" Yes, my king,"

" Get Viola, father, to the station,"

" Yes,"

The king and queen vow that they will make him suffer.

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    《The vampire princess Season 1》