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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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9 chapter 9

he then went to find kakashi

once he found kakashi he saw that he was giggling aswell and grinned

"kakashi you got to read this" jiraiya said grinning as he showed him the page

once kakashi read it he started to giggle as well

they both giggled together with blood gushing from there noses


meanwhile with Aaron

he woke up from his sleep due to the sound of his watch

after he turned off his alarm he opened the door grabbed his keys put them inside his backpack and slung his back pack on his right shoulder locked closed the door and left.

once he made it inside he checked his watch to see what time it is

"huh 15 minutes maybe the alarm wasn't good enough to wake me up" he said to himself

he decided to read some fanfiction while he was waiting


meanwhile with the girls

they were running trying to find kakashi and jiraiya while they were being chased by fanboys who were screaming

" marry me"

while some standing by just looked at them

"look at her whisker marks she looks like narutos sexy jutsu"

"there the most beautiful women Ive ever seen"

"my god look at her tits"

"the girl in black looks so hot when she glares"

"the red head is pretty"

"the girl with the whisker marks looks like a kitten whom I just want to cuddle"

"dude that pink hair do you think thats natural"

naruko ad kushinas face were red while the rest just had an annoyed look on there faces as they were trying to find the rest of the group

meanwhile kakashi and jiraiya were walking quietly to the meeting place reading their porn perverted giggling escaping their mouths once in a while

some of the women looked at them in disgust whille the single mothers covered their childrens ears who were looking on in confusion in slight curiousity

back with the Aaron

he was just reading his fanfiction till he spotted jiraiya and kakashi coming toward him

and smiled

"so did you guys have fun" he asked

"you bet we did gaki" jiraiya replied grinning while kakashi eye smiled

they had bags of clothes in there right hand and a couple of books in the left

as I looked at them I sighed and palmed my face

{ of course they would by porn} he thought before he heard a shout

"DAD" shouted naruko as she ran in dropped her bags and hugged him and grinned I rubbed her whisker marks she purred I smiled

"hey naru chan how was your trip"

naruko was suprised as he never called her that before she started to blush but then fought it down

It was fine but we might want to hurry up and get out of here once the others come I managed to get here before them

why is that? I asked jiraiya and kakashi started to look on in confusion

beca- was an even louder noise that inturrupted what she said we all looked up

jiraiya and kakashi sweatdropped while I groaned

tsuande kushina sakura and even satuski all had panicked expressions while they were running toward my location with a mob of fanboys chasing after them

"TO THE VAN DATTEBANE" kushina yelled panicking before she grabbed my hand along with naruko who grabbed her bags and dragged us to the veichle

tsuande did the same to jiraiya and kakashi and we drove off

seconds before the fanboys came out and started to run after the car yelling "wait for me princess" and "I cant live with out you" before the van disappeared at a far distance
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》