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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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2 Chapter 2

{damn it aaron focus there are random strangers here get it together} once he got his courage together he spoke

"nice cosplay guys i'll give it a ten out of ten... now what can I do for you people"


all of them looked on with a confused expressions

"uh excuse me what are cosplayers"? the fake sakura asked

Aaron deadpanned "you mean to tell me that you don't even know what cosplayers are where have you been living under a rock or something"

"actually we we arent from around here" fake tsuande spoke up "care to tell us what this cosplayers is"

here they were people dressed up as ninja characters from naruto and don't even know what cosplayers are he sighed and decided to play along

"cosplayers are people that pretend to be certain fictional characters dressed up as characters from the series"

"for instance you you are from a series called naruto" he said as he walked over to his drawer on his left and pulled out a naruto season 1 pack and showed it to them

everyone looked shocked even naruko and looked quite angry

"who wrote this im not a boy im a girl and my name is naruko dattebayo"

satuski smirked "hn they both look the same to me" she said naruko glared at her

"what was that teme"

"you heard me dobe" they said as they but heads

"ugh you guys are really are going at it" I stared at them incredously

satuski and naruko blushed deep red and seperated

jiraiya was giggling madly and writing down stuff in a note pad

tsuande slammed her fist down his head and he crashed on the floor

seconds later I realized what I said and my face turned red "ah I didnt mean it like that I meant you have good acting skills"

kushina got mad "were not acting were the real deal dattebane" she yelled

{look women just because your pretty doesn't mean i will believe a word you say}

"look gaki we are the real deal" jiaraya stated

"yeah and im minato namikaze" i said sarcasticly

they looked at each other for a few seconds then look back at him

"you are minato gaki" jiraiya stated I glared at him "no im Aaron Harvey now leave"

please just give us a chance sensei let us prove that we are the real deal kakashi pleaded

{hmm they can't do there techniques because it it will probably be the lights or the wires that will only mean one thing oh god no.. ugh looks like I have no choIce}

"o-ok"I stuttered my face has a ting of pink on my cheeks "if your really are real let me feel her whisker marks and I will believe you"

WHAT? everyone shouted naruko was blushing madly with hair hiding behind her face

kushina and satsuki were jealous jairaya was giggling tsuande was glaring at me before she sighed

"fine sorry naruko this is the only way"

"o-ok" naruko stuttered as she walked over to her father

Aaron hesitated before he felt her cheeks

{so soft }he thought

as he rubbed the whisker marks he heard a purr his face turned beet red and was shocked to the core

{no way they were telling the truth they arent marks there real like a kittens} he could of sworn he read a fanfictions.. well dozens of fanfictions about this but he didnt think they were real deal

he then fainted. seconds after he fainted naruko fainted as well
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》