The God of Creation
3 003 - Breaking
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The God of Creation
Author :NarutoSSJG
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3 003 - Breaking

"The City of Death, it's a little close to the town of Drako, if you walk up there it will take you about 2 hours to get there." Liz said with a calm expression.

"But how am I going to leave the walls without anyone seeing me?" Michael asked with a calm expression, he was determined to go.

He did not want to go to earn only 200 Gold Coins, he wanted to go and win Thousands of gold coins, he wants to get rich ... and who knows how to buy a House and live a happy life.

'Who knows, if I get rich I get a wife and finally I can show these idiots. ' Michael thought with a determined expression.

"Simple, I'll help you, but I want you to do something for me." Liz said.

"Whatever?" Michael asked with an expression of doubt.

"I want you to find a Gem ... your name is Jacinto, she's orange and has a transparent flame inside." Liz said with a calm expression.

"You think I can?" Michael asked with a doubtful expression.

"Yes, you can." Liz answered in a cold voice.

"How are you so sure?" Michael asked in a dry voice.

"Feminine intuition." Liz said with a calm expression.

"If you say so, how am I supposed to find her?" Michael asked.

"She's in the hottest spot in the City when it's closer to the place, but it's going to be hot." Liz said with a calm expression.

"I see ... so when will I go?" Michael asked with an anxious expression.

"Tomorrow, at 6 am, then go to bed early, and get it." Liz said in a cold voice, so she handed Michael a small book and left the room.

'Manual of breathing. ' Michael thought by reading the title, and opening the front page, he soon discovered to be a Mana Manual.

Excited with the new Handbook, he ran toward the exit of the school, we're looking at the sides, he saw Some students, and arriving at the main street of the city, many cars walking and some buildings of luxuries, he then began to walk towards his neighborhood, which was in the poor area of ??the city.

After a few minutes walking, he finally arrived at his house, looking at her, he let out a sigh, his house was small, he had only his bedroom, the bathroom, a living room, and the kitchen.

Going toward the refrigerator, he opened it and saw that he had only a few pieces of meat from yesterday's dinner, 1 liter of milk, and some ice cream.

Taking the meat and the milk, he ate them quickly, and went to his room, we're looking at the cultivation book, he opened it and began to read ... 5 minutes later, he had already read the whole book, he then tried to put into practice what he learned in the book.

Sitting in Lotus position, he began to breathe as the manual taught him, a quick Breath and a short one, closing his eyes, he began to cultivate.

In the first 10 minutes nothing happened, but as he continued to cultivate, some blue wires went into his nose, then the wires that were only 4, increased to 8, from 8 to 16, from 16 to 32, until reaching 480 wires blues.

Soon after reaching this, Michael's eyes opened and looking at his body that had some dirt and black impurities, his face showed a lot of happiness.

"Finally, I reached Rank "G" Peak." Michael exclaimed in happiness, his fists clenching tightly and his eyes shining.

Yes, it has reached the "G" Medium Rank, as you already know, the ranks are from "G" to "SSS", but within those ranks, there are Subclassifications, which are Low, Medium, High and Peak.

There were several ways to increase Rank, but the easiest and fastest was Cultivating, but a Cultivation Manual was very expensive, and it did not always work with some people.

He then felt his stench, went to his bathroom, where he took a bath with cold water, and returned to his room, this time not to cultivate, but to train his power.

He first tried to imagine a Gold Coin and using most of his Mana, and then closed his eyes ... A few seconds later opening his eyes, he looked at his closed fist, and gradually opening, he finally saw ... a Gold coin quietly in his hand.

"..." Michael looked at the Coin with a calm expression, and soon after was replaced by an endless joy.

"A-Amazing, I did ... I knew my power was not trash." Michael exclaimed with a happy expression, and almost crying with joy as he finally fell to the ground with a heavy breath.

Damn ... I got it, but this ... he uses a lot of mana. Michael thought with a tired expression, and his body was heavy.

"The possibilities of this power are enormous, if I could turn a Rank "A" or "B", I could create many gold coins, and live very well. ' Michael thought with a happy expression.

'Not just gold coins, I can do much more than that ... could I create a legendary weapon? ' Michael thought with a relaxed expression.

Soon after, he sat in Lotus's position and went back to cultivating ... Of course, this time it took a lot longer to cultivate, but he was going ... and soon the night came.

Opening his eyes, he was shocked, his body was stronger, and he felt full, looking at his mana crystal, located 1 inch below the heart, he was shocked.

"I-I was able to rise from Rank G to Rank F, Incredible ... I'm a Genius." Michael exclaimed with a proud expression.

He then looked at the clock and saw that it was already 8 o'clock, he then went to sleep, because tomorrow he would have a very full day.
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    《The God of Creation》