The God of Creation
2 002 - Michael Versus Anderson
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The God of Creation
Author :NarutoSSJG
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2 002 - Michael Versus Anderson

A few minutes later, a woman who seemed to be very young entered the room, she was Michael's combat teacher, with the power of Speed.

Her name was Liz, her past was a mystery, the only thing known, and that she is very strong, and resembling Luana, there are rumors that they may be sisters, but they are only rumors.

"Sit down." the teacher shouted with a cold expression.

"Yes, ma'am." the students replied.

"Well, everyone goes to the locker rooms to get ready, we'll have practical classes." exclaimed the Professor, and left the room.

"!!!" Michael's expression turned ugly, even though Michael had a strong body, now that everyone awakened his power it would be very difficult to win, yet with his power of Garbage.

Michael then waited for everyone to leave, and looking to see if no one was peering, he removed his clothes and put on combat clothes. He could have gone to the locker room, but other students could steal his clothes or hit him.

Michael's Combat Clothing consisted of a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and a red glove.




After a few minutes, he finally went to the Gym, where he already had some students ready, and the Professor with a cold expression.

'How can I get the gold coins? I only have six more days and no idea. ' Michael thought with a sad expression.

The Professor looked at Michael, frowned and said, "Michael, wait for me at the end of class."

"Y-Yes, Professor," Michael said with a confused expression, and his voice a little timid.

"Hey, does Professor Liz want to hit him, too?"

"I do not know, I hope he does not turn the teacher into Garbage."

He commented some students looking at Michael with a mocking expression.

"Shut up, since everyone's here, let's get started ... Michael and Anderson, come up in the Ring." Professor Liz said with a cold expression, and seeing that the rest of the class arrived.

Shortly after being called, Michael climbed into the ring, which was the size of a basketball court, looking ahead of him, he saw a boy who had blond hair, and black eyes, he was a little bigger than Michael, and he was a bit chubby

'I remember him if I'm not mistaken ... he has the power of Hypnosis. ' Michael thought with a tense expression.

"Get hit in the face, you trash," Anderson said with a calm expression, his voice almost robotic and had a suggestion of command.

Then Michael felt a strange sensation with his body, he could not control his body, his right hand rose slowly, and it was coming towards his face.

'Shit, what do I do. ' Michael thought, looking at his hand.

Her hands were almost touching her face. The students who were looking at this were laughing at Michael, Liz was looking thoughtful, Luana was talking to her friends, and Anderson's expression was cold.

"Haha, this rubbish will hit."

"Yeah, he's nothing ... he's just like his father, a traitorous junk."

Exclaimed the Students, Pointing and Laughing at Michael.

At that moment, Michael felt a lot of shame and some anger, looking at the students laughing at him, and his hand coming close to his face.

'I- I can not weaken ...' Michael thought with a look of anger, then his hand stopped an inch from his face.

'I'm not like my father. 'Michael thought, looking at Anderson angrily, and took the first step toward him.

"Hmm, what is this?" Liz asked, looking at Michael with a calm expression.

'I'm not weak. Michael thought and took a few more steps toward Anderson.

"Stop and Give Up, you shit," Anderson said looking at Michael angrily and taking a few steps back.

"Shut the fuck up." Michael said walking toward Anderson, which is proving to be very difficult.

Michael is feeling like he's carrying an elephant, his legs are shaking, his expression is pale and his eyes are bleeding.

Coming in front of Anderson, Michael raised his right fist with difficulty.

"Give it up, you fucking shit." Michael said, and then struck a right crusader on Anderson's jaw that fell to the floor.

With a * Poof * Michael fell to the floor and fainted, he felt very tired.

====================================== Scene Change // ========================

Michael was now in the Infirmary, where he was asleep, and beside him was his teacher Liz, who looked thoughtful, and looked at Michael.

"Hmm, where am I?" Michael asked, standing up with a confused expression.

"Are you finally awake?" Liz asked with a cold expression.

"Teacher, what happened?" Michael asked with a confused expression.

"After you defeated Anderson, you fainted and then I sent you to the Infirmary where you slept for 4 hours." Professor Liz replied, touching her beautiful hair and sniffing the ends.

Looking at these actions, Michael can not help but swallow dry, looking better at this teacher, he noticed that she was very beautiful, and smelled great.

"Anyway, thank you, teacher." Michael said, bowing his head at Liz, who just blinked.

"So I found out about your bet, with the director, and I decided to give you a tip," Liz said with a calm expression.

"Which teacher?" Michael asked with a confused expression.

"If you want to get 200 Gold Coins, there's only one place where you can get that amount in a short time," said Professor Liz.

"Where? Please tell me." Michael asked with an anxious expression.

"In the City of Death, but of course, it's not like you're going to survive if you were too." Liz said with a calm expression.

"City of Death?" Michael asked with a confused expression.
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    《The God of Creation》