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Tales of Amorous Sage
Author :Acropetal
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1 Adam

"Honey! You also take your clothes off"

While taking my clothes off, my eyes met hers - brown-colored eyes with thin and long eyebrows, enough for me to fall over. Just then, she started undressing as her oval face was hidden by her top. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed even a little as something big came into my view. Her bunnies were hanging down - only to be supported with her pink colored laced-bra. And before she could further undress, I gave in to my subconscious and pounced on the lady like a hungry beast.

The lady was none other than the wife of the Departmental Police Chief. That chap was a workaholic as he could not satisfy her beautiful wife, so I have to come and take his place to discharge the desires within her.

I reached out and pulled her body against mine as I lightly squeezed her supple ass. I felt as though a thunder strike down on me as I felt the plump and meaty back of the lady. 'Damn! I am jealous of his husband. Such a nice dessert… and that bastard spends most of his time in office. Shame on him.'

She gently placed her hands over mine as her breasts protruded into my chest. Another thunderstrike! 'Her body is definitely a work of art. I must take great care of it.'

With a slight push, both of us fell down over the large double bed placed adjoint to the bedroom of the couple. And not giving Liza enough time, I started licked over exposes flesh - starting from her naval till I reached her breasts.

'Wonderful! Too good! She is definitely placed in the top 5 beauties that I have shared myself with.'

"Ah! Adam… I haven't had a bath today. At least let me shower first."

"No need! Your smell and sweat are intoxicating enough. I don't want to wait - or it seems like I can't," as I pointed towards my rock-hard brother below and smiled at her, "Look at that! Do what you did and here you are, wanting me to wait for more. Sorry, but I can't help it."

Liza stared at my dick and moments later, with a tinge of redness spreading across her face soon averted her line of vision. 'Goddamn! Even a simple shy reaction of beauty is enough to turn a man into fucking horny beast.'

I could not control myself anymore and soon squeezed her bouncy ass with all of my strength as I put my head to work. But this time instead of licking I bite down on the bra and tore it apart by my teeth.

"You - You know my husband gave this bra to me on our honeymoon and you tore them apart. Just how in the world am I going to explain it to him?"

Liza, with anger visible in her cat-like eyes, was more than enough to drive me further into lust and desire. So in response, I started becoming more aggressive and started biting and licking successively over her breasts.

"Ah! No - don't bite them… Ah! So hard…"

First I would bite and then start licking the impression with my tongue and then suck on it as hard as I could. I repeated until both of her nipples were red and hard from my bite marks.

"Accept it as your punishment Liza. You must be taught a lesson or else this body of yours will bring you too many difficulties."

I increased my speed and Liza's moans matched my rhythm with perfect sync.

"Oh! Yes… there - a bit more - oh! Yes… Ah!"

"Looks like you are ready for the next step," I asked with a smirk.

"Next step," she asked in confusion but instead of responding to her, both of my hands which were squeezing and caressing her ass, now let her bubble butt go for a moment and pulled apart her red-colored skirt.

"You… already want to do 'that'," she whispered shyly but did not stop me at any point.

What came into my view was a pink-colored pantie nicely laced up in the form of a ribbon. Her creamy white thighs were a sight to behold. I wanted to feel her lower mouth but her tightly clamped legs did not allow me to do so. Hence, I exerted a bit of my strength, enough to slightly pull apart Liza's legs without hurting her and as I did, she too stopped resisting. Even though she did not stop clamping but it the gap was enough for a seasonal experience man like me to testify the goods.

'Grade - A+ !', I shouted in my mind as I almost lost the little self-control I had.

"Adam! It's itching… please - hurry up… please…"

'Looks like Liza has lost her control over her desires. Oh! Even then, I have to complete my duty whole-heartedly.'

I pushed my index finger into the wet cave and beside a hot influx of air mixed with sticky-liquid substance, I encountered a little problem.

"Hurry up… what are you waiting for…", Liza's voice rang out jolting me a little.

"Um, Liza… I am in a problem here. You seemed to have your hymen intact - I… I mean are… are you a… a virgin?"

When I pushed my fingers inside her vagina, I found some kind of resistance and it was then that reality hit me. 'Liza is a fucking married virgin… What shit am I getting myself involved into… But wait - why the hell is she a virgin?'

"Um yes," with a hint of shyness - or at least that what I thought it is - she accepted with a nod, "I haven't done it with my husband or let me put it this way… he has no interest in me."

Tears were sparkling down her eyes as she used both of her hands to cover her face. I knew that her husband a workaholic but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined him to have no interest in beauty like her. Shame on being a man… That bastard should die like a dog for all I care.

I hugged her petite and trembling body and tried to provide her enough warmth with mine without saying anything - total silence. After a few moments, her shivering stopped and she removed her hands, enabling me to see the redness in her eyes.

'A fool! Big idiotic fool! How could I make a woman in my arms cry'

"Worry not Liza, I am here and today I will make you experience the wonders of being a woman of mine."

These were the last words that escaped my mouth as I joined my lips against her red hot ones while vowing in my heart, 'I promise to myself - I will never let any other woman cry before me. I promise!'

… … … …

Both were engaged in night-time activities but for Adam, it turned out to be his last - at least in this life.
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    《Tales of Amorous Sage》