Sex Everywhere
5 I am the QUEEN!!!
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Sex Everywhere
Author :pussy_dick
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5 I am the QUEEN!!!

Its not hard for me to wear my uniform because my palda is short and im just wearing a white panty so i take the panty on in my blose its not hard to because im not wearing a bra in school so i can get the attention of all boys my palda is almost a panty whene i bow lightly you can bow see my panty and my panty is only a t-bak so when i saq a group of boys im secretly droping my pen and turning my back to them when slowly picking the pen so when i reack the pen my palda is ni my back now and you can see widly my ass so everytime im doing it there going near to me and touching my ass or pussy and blow to me while invitating me in there place then have a sex to all of them i now know the feeling having sex with 15 mens and im just one.. its very tiring but that is the one making me happy.. Here in school i am the most famous because of that and that is no matter here in the state to having a sex.. so its normal some girls getting my stratigies and kind of wearing cloth but when i see them im killing them i can do that because i am the queen here and no one can break it!!

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    《Sex Everywhere》