Sex Everywhere
3 Motel
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Sex Everywhere
Author :pussy_dick
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3 Motel

after what happend in the bathroom me and my boyfriend go to the motel so we can do it to..

after checking were walking trough the elevator when i feel that my boyfriend is touhing my ass..

now we are in the front of the door while im opening it my boyfriend start kissing my neck.. afterr opening my boyfriend starts kissing me in lips while were closing he door now im in the back of the door. he's kissing me very hard while his holding my pussy from the back. i stop him for a while "honey lets take a bath first" i suggest and he nodded as a answer i take a bath first after bathing he are starting a bath to i dint wear any cloth i remove my towel and go straight to the bed and take a rest first while waiting him.. A few minutes past i hear the door knob oppening so i open my eyes and see my boyfriend walking towards me when he is about to reach me he remove his towel off too so were now both naked i stand up to reach him he push me in the bed and he go to the top of me then he start kissing me while holding my boobs after 10 minutes in kissing he go down to reach my boobs and start licking and socking it while his two fingers arw in my vagina.. after a 5 minutes he is now licking and socking my pussy when it was wet he command me to lick his dick now he is the one who our in bed while im eating his dick a few minutes past he put me in the bed and he go in the top of me and he start to put his dick inside my vagina now im moaning hardly because of his very big dick inserting in my vagina now were moaning because of pressure we stop gor awile because of tierdness when we both feel a relief we start to do it again for 5 rounds now were both out of cum so we desided to go home..

NEXT DAY-------------

i have school today so i need to woke up early its 5:00 am i dont want to stand because om still tired because of yesterday even me and my boyfriend go home early in 7 pm im still tired because of my dad he do it again to me but this time he doest use any condoms so im panicking..

Hour later------

I hear the ring of the bell signed that its lunch time... Im on the way to my favorite spot at the back of the school its far but its fine our lunch time is 1hour and 30 minutes.. while walking i almost reach the bench when someone pull me and cover my mouth he face at me and i saw him he is the one who i have been sex yesterday in the bathroom.. "Can i have a roundk 2?" he ask.. i look at him with no expression and roll my eyes "And Where!!?" i angryly ask that almost a shout "there" he said while pointing in the pine tree/house near in our place i look at my watch we have 1hour and 20 minutes left to have sex "alright 1hour only" i said and he clap because of happiness i dint know that he studyinv here to..
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    《Sex Everywhere》