Sex City
2 Beggining
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Sex City
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2 Beggining

"Mmhm" Mia moans next to me. I can't blame her. The vagina cleaning feels great. After we are done with the cleaning, I spot that cute boy again. " So, your looking at that hunk over there!" Mia whispers in my ear. "C'mon!" She says. "No, No, No!" I try to scuttle away, but she's surprisingly strong. " My friend here would like to fuck you." Mia stated flatly. I'm blushing super hard. The boy that I want to fuck's friend said, " She can only fuck him if you fuck me, sweetheart." Mia sighed reluctantly. "Ok, but only if both of you are wearing a condom." I said. They both answered yes. The boys took us to a room. It was decorated with boob and dick decals. There were dildos and vibrators hanging on the wall. Before I could say anything, he was ripping off my pants. I already felt myself getting hot. " You don't mind that I touch you, right?" he said. " You can touch me, just get started already!" I said with vigor. He rips off my pants and my underwear. I take off his shorts and his boxers. He starts kissing me as he takes off my shirt and bra. He sucks on my tits and slowly makes his way down to my pussy. I start to moan. He uses his tounge to gently caress my clitoris. He starts picking up speed. " I never got your- Mhm- name." I said in between moaning. "Daniel" he replied. " less talking more fucking!" He forcefully shoves his dick in my pussy. I'm enjoying sex with Daniel so much that I forget about Mia and that other dude. I reach the climax and I cum all over his thighs. Daniel picks me up and puts me against the wall. He shoves his dick in my ass. "Fuck!" I scream. The pain turns into pleasure slowly. Daniel had already cummed 4 times. Suprisingly his condom lasted. I decided it was my turn to take the lead. I rode him like a horse. I decided I couldn't take anymore so I fell on his chest. With his dick still in my vagina, I fall asleep.

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    《Sex City》