Reborn in Stellar Transformations
5 4 Year time skip
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Reborn in Stellar Transformations
Author :Selectionn
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5 4 Year time skip

'Well Everyone, I'm now 5, It's my birthday, the only one I'll get until I'm 10 years old.' I Started thinking to myself. I've learnt through "History" Books, that I'm not even on the Qian Long Continent. However, I Do think I'm on the purple mystic planet; So i should be able to find places like Qingyue immortal mansion and the Ni Yang realm. The immortal mansion, I'm aware of all swords i think. 1 with the Dongxu cave master. some with the ruler of the outer area of the wilderness. The rest with 'Nine demons hall'. '

'Well I haven't asked mother about cultivating since "then" and I'm going to try again.' My face showed quite the cheeky grin.

"Mother, It's been 4 years. Can i start cultivating now, pleaaaasssseeee?" I Begged ' That please Ought to do the trick.'

"Ok, Ok, Ok, I'll start teaching you. The reason i didn't teach you before, is because your body isn't at the age of being able to sense or absorb energy. Even if we give you the best pills possible, it wouldn't make a difference until now as you've turned 5 and your 'Dantian' has formed."

"Hmmm, I don't care about that. What i care about, is when we start!" I Shouted with an ecstatic expression on my face

"We'll start tomorrow!" To which i replied "Okay, lets wrap up, I'm Off to bed!"

My mother chuckled "Feng'er, you can't say that" She seemed like she was trying to 'reprimand' me, but she kept stopping with a chuckle.

'Such strange behaviour, i only want to go to bed so i can cultivate. Sheesh!'

The Next Day

"Feng'er come down, we need test your Dantian"

"Okay Mom!" Then I started to race downstairs (Albeit against nobody)

When I Got downstairs i was told to enter a room.

"Feng'er this a place where Energy gathers more here, than it does outside. Using this room, we can tell your talent in cultivation." My mother told me in a gentle voice, like a teacher.

"Sit Down here in a cross-legged position and place you one hand on top of another in a cup shaped position." I received my command, and I Followed according to what she said. "This position is called the Energy Gathering Position. It's called this because you gain the most Energy this way. They're other positions which'll allow you to get familiarised with the Energy better than other positions and vice versa." My mom gave a very in-depth explanation to me, Of course i was still a bit confused. Do babies normally get told this much and it's not a problem.

'Wait?!! Does Mom think i'm a genius or something? If that's the case, GREAT!' I Was confused at first but that genius thing lit up a flame within me.

"Feel the air, it should feel thicker than usual, it should be moving more, it should feel hot or cold. In simple terms, feel the air which feels different from the normal one and try grabbing it without your hands." My mother said in a cheering voice which gradually turned louder with each word. It was like being coached by somebody in my previous world.

I Felt the air differing, and an idea popped into my head. 'Does the rate of Gathering Energy differ according to the image in which you're using to absorb. Well in the earlier levels anyways.' I started to imagine a black hole which devours everything and nothing can escape. This lead to a massive outburst of energy flying toward my stomach (Dantian). It feels like being intoxicated, it makes you feel as if you're in bliss, a paradise if you will. Of course, having not seen anybody cultivate before, I couldn't tell whether or not i was 'Genius' but that was quickly explained.

"Woah, Feng'er slow down, slow down!" Being the law-abiding child I was I did as Mom wished. "Well... That was certainly unexpected, who would've thought that your talent has surpassed ours, by a long shot too!" Mother said with a bit of pride in her voice.

However she went on a rant of sorts, "If you absorb energy like that you won't get very far in the cultivation world. You'll surpass us by a long way, but you won't reach your furthest potential. You can absorb energy into your Dantian but if you don't apply to the energy to the rest of your body you'll manage to be weaker than those even if your Cultivation is higher than theirs."

"What you need to do is spread out the energy throughout your body to the point that the body cant take anymore. If you do that You'll even be able to jump ranks and fight others who are of a level than you!" She explained with what seemed like urgency in her voice.

I Still don't understand the urgency in her voice, it's not we're not going to get attacked anytime soon. (A/N: No this isn't a plot point)

Abiding by my mother's orders, I thought of different way to absorb energy, Use my 'black hole' method for absorbing energy. However do the opposite, and make a 'White Hole' method to spit out the energy to the rest of my body.

I Followed through with it, and i felt my body strengthening. It feels amazing to personally experience your body strengthen. Continuing my cultivation for a few minutes I felt like my progress was stagnant. Realising that my body being that of a child can only strengthen so much before it'll explode due to massive intake of energy i stopped releasing energy throughout my body.

However, I didn't stop absorbing energy I continued however that was to strengthen my Dantian. I Decided to strengthen my Dantian so I could absorb more and more energy later down the line. If I Do this, then the outburst of strength should be a much bigger increase in power than when other cultivators break through.

I Felt like my Dantian Had changed, It felt like it went from glass to steel; from a small room to that of an entire floor in a house. Now, was the most optimal time for me to breakthrough, I took in all the Energy from the Room and used it to fill up that 'Room' until it started to break. Cracks Formed, Rippling throughout my dantian It eventually shattered however what greeted me was a bigger Dantian Which could be improved Again.

"Houtian Realm, Accomplished!" I Exclaimed with ecstasy

"What?! Houtian Realm? I just told you not to breakthrough so recklessly!" My mother shouted at me like I was a naughty child.
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    《Reborn in Stellar Transformations》