Reborn in Stellar Transformations
4 Narration End 3 - Final
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Reborn in Stellar Transformations
Author :Selectionn
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4 Narration End 3 - Final

'After staring daggers at Father, I started crawling to the pillows on the bed, and I rested my head against the side of them, as my neck wasn't long enough to be above the pillows.'

'I Was trying to go to sleep, but my parents kept staring at me... They weren't doing anything weird, they were just stari... Never mind, that does sound weird...'

' I eventually gave up trying to goto sleep, so i just laid there eyes staring at the ceiling. Life has been peaked... No it hasn't, I'm just really bored.'

"Motherrrr, I'm bored. I Want to do something exciting." I Said with a very monotone voice, to portray the fact i was bored.

" What do you want to do Feng'er? " My mother asked me in perky voice.

"Something, I'm bored. Boring, is annoying. I Don't like being bored. I At least want to do something." I responded in a monotone manner again.

' In my mind, i was like ' shit shit shit, what the fuck, I'm 9 months old i shouldn't be talking like this ' Only to find out that they didn't care. '

' At that point, they took me out in to the garden where there was a huge fountain. You know like those rich people have scattered all around their palaces and that. It truly looks amazing, you know how this world is different. I Just feel like I've been reborn into a rich person's house. The only things that're different is the fact that my parents are houtian level practitioners. Also, the fact that i have no maids or butlers. '

' I crawled over to the fountain and just sat. Yep. I Just sat there and watched a fountain. I felt like those old people, who like everything to be calm and serene and stuff like that.'

' I Mean it was better than being stared at constantly by your parents.' I whispered ' TRUST ME...'

' Anyways, I asked Mother why people look at here with reverence. I knew the answer, and this time i couldn't actually say why i know why she's treating me like that. '

" Feng'er, It's because Mother is a Houtian Realm Practitioner."

"Mother, what's a Houtian Realm Practitioner?" I Mumbled in the cutest voice I Could put on.

"Okayy.... I'll tell you this since you can understand things that kids your age can. Houtian is a realm in cultivation, It's the ability to store energy into your body. Energy is everywhere, however to absorb is all based on your meridians and your dantian. Your dantian needs to be big enough to hold enough energy. This is why 99% of mortals cant pass into the realm of houtian. However, your meridians are places in your body, which allow the energy to pass through. However, the width of your meridians determines how much energy to can absorb. " My mother gave me the full rundown of the body and how to cultivate

It took me a while to wrap my head around it, In the novel it was never explained how people normally undergo cultivation except from Deity to Exalted Celestial. Well in my memories at least. I knew the basics now, however i realised that Mother never told how to absorb energy itself.

"Mother, how do you absorb energy?" I asked in a cutesy voice, Parents usually tell everything at that point. However she stayed silent, I Had to put in extra effort and put on a cute smile as well as making my eyes 'Cute', not really sure how to describe how i did that. Even then she didn't give me an answer i was satisfied with.

"Feng'er, you aren't ready for cultivation" My mother boldly stated aloud in a stern voice.

My baby instincts kicked in yet again, and her voice made me cry. ' I'm truly a pitiful child '.

' Even then she didn't take pity on me, and just took me to her room where she made me lie on her bed. That was punishment in itself, I had enough of brain to realise that me falling off that bed would hurt me a lot, due to my body being the way it is. She just left me there. '

' How cruel, I was only asking, it didn't warrant that kind of tone. It made me wonder though, why would she tell me about the realm itself and the body, But not absorbing energy itself?'

'Ever since then, i haven't asked about cultivation. '

I'm now a year old baby, who hopes not to get on his Mother's bad side anytime soon.

" Narration end." This time it was a mumble, as i didn't shout and hurt my throat like when i said

' narration begin ',

' It's a live show from here on out, I'm not even talking to anybody...'
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    《Reborn in Stellar Transformations》