Reborn in Stellar Transformations
3 Narration End 2
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Reborn in Stellar Transformations
Author :Selectionn
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3 Narration End 2

'My discovery left a very deep imprint in my mind, i could become a genius. I Couldn't help but be constantly elated all the time, until a few months ago when it descended into happiness.'

A Few months after the discovery

' My new name is Ryu Feng, While my parents are Ryu Ming And Ryu Dong. I've also learned the language, somewhat anyways. It's somewhat easy to learn a language, when that's all you have to dedicate your time to.'

'I Also got breastfed by my mother, It was a strange feeling. I Accepted it quite quickly, the memories of mine showed me that people on Earth used bottled milk and breast milk. So i was confused on how to act. However to me it tasted good so i continued to drink it. '

'Another thing during that time in which i realised, my parents are weak even in the mortal realm, but they are Houtian practitioners, so they have quite the revered status on the continent. This continent was like the Qian Long Continent, they weren't a cultivation continent. I Assumed that the strongest of this continent, would be yuanying, like that continent.'

' I Didn't and still don't know if I'm on the Qian Long continent. I'd have to wait until, i could read and write. Speaking as well, i could semi- understand them but my vocal cords could say a few words like Hello, Mother, Father and a few other minor words. '

' I Also grew a bit more in these months, i could move my arms and legs, not much control over them though. They just waved in the air and that's about it. '

I Continued to narrate with a blush on my face ' I Literally couldn't do anything. I Couldn't sit upright, I had to be fed, and worst of all. Emm.. I Had let go of my bladder whenever i need to go. It wasn't fun. That soggy feeling of it sticking to you. Ergh.. ' I Couldn't help but cringe at myself when i said that.

'*Cough Cough* Eh hem... lets get back on track, after a few more months of that, i turned 9 months old. That was when i stopped... pissing myself, Ergh, i still cringe at the thought of remembering that. I Could now sit upright, However, i couldn't cross my legs to get into a proper meditative position. '

'I Always got praised whenever i did something, be it crawl, talk, wave my arms, sitting up. I guess that is the essence of being the son of loving parents. '

'Turning 9 months was the first time i had tried food, that wasn't breast milk. It wasn't like real food, it was mush. Not kidding, literally it was food that was mushed, then clumped together with other bits of mushy food. It kind of made my appetite die down a little, but i was still hungry. '

'My parents fed me, they even did whooshing noises, weird? I Don't think so, it got me my appetite back. I Ate it, it was alright, but i still preferred mother's breast milk. *Fetish unlocked* that was what was going through my mind at the time. Have I Garnered a fetish for breast milk. I'm a bit of an idiot, so it took me a bit of time to realise, it was just my baby instincts.'

'After eating my father picked me up and placed me on his shoulders. He carried me around our mansion. Yes, we had a mansion. Benefits of being born into a family which is known for being Houtian rank warriors. Jealous? i bet you are, You're definitely jealous of my mansion.' My pride kicked in and I started bragging about it

'Hehehehehe... oh right, I've got a narration to tell, should probably stop laughing now. I was walking around the mansion, and certain areas had been named. I Asked Father what those ' things ' were on the door, as i couldn't exactly say words. I was a 9 month old baby, i didn't want to say words, which change my parents views of me.'

' I Didn't want to go from being constantly loved, to my parents constantly getting everything i want because i'm a ' Genius '. At the time it was obviously over-exaggeration, and that is an understatement. It was just a word...'

'My Father told me those words which i was pointing at meant kitchen. I acted like a baby again *Woaw* *Woaw*, i already knew what it was, but Father started explaining to me what kitchen was. I Knew what it was, so internally i was like... i don't really want to hear this conversation. I Wanted keep my Father happy, so i put on a smile, and acted jumpy when he said something complicated, like 'utensils'.'

'We eventually got back to the bedroom, where we saw Mother lying there,sleeping . My father held me in front of his face face and put his hand on my mouth and whispered "Ssssshh..." I went quiet instantly, he then put me on their bed and pushed me toward Mother.'

'I recognised this as a mission.'Mission- WAKE UP MOTHER' I crawled over to Mother, I lommed over her head and in her ear. I Shouted "Mother, WAKEY WAKEY, WAKE UP!!'

She woke up, but surprised me by screaming in response "Aaaahhh!! What was that for?" She growled, until she realised it was me.

"Eeek.. It's Feng'er, Sheesh, don't wake me up like that again" My mother tried to say this in a tone, that was trying to reprimand me for my actions.

' I Thought i did something bad, so tears started to cloud my eyes'

" Mother, did *Hick* I Do something *Hick* Wrong?" I tried to speak normally, but i felt guilty for it

"Nononono, Feng'er it's fine. Just don't do something like that again." She said that in a kind, and encouraging voice

' I stopped sobbing, and cheered up '

"Okay I Won't do that again!" I Said that in resolute voice then turned, and stared daggers at my Father
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    《Reborn in Stellar Transformations》