Reborn in Stellar Transformations
2 Narration End 1
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Reborn in Stellar Transformations
Author :Selectionn
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2 Narration End 1

' After being enveloped in white light, I Awoke in some viscous liquid. I Could only assume this was the womb, due to lack of sight, hearing, smell.' I Continued with my narration within my mind 'You know them novels where they say, that the womb is one of the best places to cultivate,due to the 'houtian energy' being purified into 'xiantian energy' Sureeee.... it definitely feels pure and clean inside here. But, how the fuck is it helpful to anyone. You don't get reincarnated on a regular basis you know. It's not like you're born knowing how to cultivate.' My rant now finished i continued on

'It's boring in the womb, you just sit there. Floating. it doesn't really possess that excitement of being outside. Ohhh, how much i wished to be outside.'

' Time continued to pass like usual, but then i felt a sudden shake. I Was forcefully rotated by the shake, i started gravitating somewhere. Since i couldn't see i didn't know where i was going i just continued going with the flow. It felt painful, it was like i was being squeezed to death. Ahhh.... that was truly painful ' I Muttered to myself in a sad voice

'Sigh... When i felt that my head stopped being squeezed, and i felt a breeze, it brushed along my head. It was then i realised that i was being born. I Was finally excited for the first time, being in the ST world. Just remembering that brought joy to my mind.'

'Of course that was short lasted, when i continued to feel pain from the neck down. I Couldn't cry as i hadn't been exposed to air yet. I was still breathing through the umbilical cord, so i had to form tears in my eyes. Eventually, the feeling of being released gradually came. It was truly bliss.'

' When the cord got cut, tears continued streaming, but a cry also came out through my mouth. It was pretty loud too. My eyes opened a bit more, gradually my eye was fully open. I still couldn't see very well, i saw three vague outlines of people, or should i say giants. They were truly tall, I Had my memories from before, so i knew that one was the person who help;ed deliver me, while the others were my parents. '

' That being said, i had my memories, i knew all that. But this was different, there was no emotions in those memories, so i had to form my own. With that, came fear. I Quite scared, of course my baby brain being scared just started crying again. ' I Sighed in my heart, but my narration continued on once more.

' My crying continued on until one of those people peered over me. I Could only see a blur, but it looked like that person had a smile on their face. That cheered me up, and i stopped crying. I Started to coo. '

*Coo* Coooo*

' Then another person came over with a smile on their face too. I could only assume they were my parents. However, due to my bad eyesight i couldn't tell which one was my mother or father. A Hand started loom over my stomach and gradually fell down and touched my stomach. It tickled me so i let out a cute laugh. I Had to stop that quickly as it hurt my throat, my vocal cords weren't fully developed you see?'

' I started drifting into unconsciousness, that was when i realised, my cultivation speed is all dependant on how good my dantian is. I Wanted to cultivate, meditate. However, i had only just been born and could barely move my arms, let alone sit upright in a meditative position. '

'I eventually fell asleep and woke up when i saw to people, my parents watching me. I Didn't cry this time, i just cooed. '

" Awww... Feng'er is so cute. So cute" A womanly voice, Playfully giggled in a very very high pitched voice. I also assumed that she was trying to playing with me. So i just giggled at it.

"Ming'er, i thought we were going to take our time with our son's name?" My Father said in a very voice. I at first thought he was scary, because he had a very deep voice. So i started crying again.

'Curse my baby-minded brain, i had my memories, but i couldn't and still can't tell the emotions the memories. I Could only go by what was on the surface, and couldn't tell the underlying tone in my memories, as well as voices. ' I Uttered in a very embarrassed voice, I Knew it wasn't my fault for this, however having those memories, albeit no emotions. Acting the way i did, just feels natural and my memories feel unnatural.'

'I Also noticed then and their, i couldn't even use Chinese to my advantage. It was only the names which were Chinese, they underlying language itself was different. I'd heard English, Russian, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. I Was only familiar with a few of each language, but their accents as well as the words weren't any of those languages.' In reality, '*&"!&.... Feng'er "!"^&!&^"!' was it sounded like to me, i had tell how they were speaking to me by their tones.'

'It's like a permanent reset in this world, I'd only tell how'd i fare in the cultivation world when i could actually cultivate. However, i learned another thing. I Have all these memories right? So i should have a headache right? It turns out my i have the cognitive ability to tell Chinese. Even as a baby i shouldn't be able to tell. Also, my hippocampus must have internally expanded to allow those memories into my brain. ' I had a moment of realisation then ' If i have improved cognitive abilities, wouldn't excel at cultivation due to being able to understand said thing faster. ' I Thought in a very excited voice. I Was elated at my discovery , it made me realise i could be a genius even if my Dantian was normal
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    《Reborn in Stellar Transformations》