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Reborn in Stellar Transformations
Author :Selectionn
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1 Reborn

"Haaahh...." Breathing a sigh of relief, "Working as a corprate slave; being at the bottom of the food chain actually sucks. First i wanted to become an athelete so i started working out; i wanted to become a famous astrologist, as i loved stars, so i focused on science;I Read some novels which sparked a fire which made want to be an novelist ; i wanted to own a company which would trump microsoft."

Continuosly striving for a dream which comes and goes, living alone, a 24 year old virgin with no purpose in life.

"When it comes down to it, will i really matter?" the man sighed.

' You can make a difference, all it takes is you and effort '. "How many times i've heard this bullshit it's actually astounding. I Mean I've tried hard but haven't succeeded." he laughed in his mind which eventually turned into a sigh

"Effort? You? Maybe centurys ago, or in those wuxia novels, maybe. Now However, It means fuck all because all that matters is whether you're lucky or not."

" Hero? I've saved some people from thugs and that... but i've never even been mentioned. Oh sorry, i have. Right in the back of a newspaper in which nobody even reads let alone the back!"

" Fuck it, i've talked about this so many times over the last few months it's actually astounding"

"Welp, time to go pick up some food; I Want to have a nice chicken surprisingly..." He muttered under his breath and set off on his 'incredible journey for a chicken.'

15 Minutes Later.

"Got the Chicken, Got into my house, Now time to cook the damn chicken." He shouted angrily for no reason whatsoever

1hr & 30 mins later

"Meh, chicken looks cooked, vegetables cooked, now time to set the plate."

"And all done now, time to drown with gravy..."

He then picked up his knife and fork, then stabbed the chicken and forced it into his mouth.

"Hmmmm.... Gr..eat, This tastes absolutely Fucking disgusting but, you know. Ima eat it and have a full stomach"

After 15 long and painful minutes of attempting to eat the chicken he eventually moved onto the vegetables. " Aahhh, these are cold but have a decent taste; This is the peak of my life." His thoughts strayed and landed on the memories of the company he works at. "Ah Yes, that place giving me minimum wage for working from 6am until 10pm, i have 1 hr break between that entire time. It's actually sad that i work there. I'd leave but i can't. There'd be no point, as i'd fail to get a decent job before rent is due. This Life is truly... truly cruel." he spoke softly in his mind "Who am i even talking to, this is my life's resolve. talking to myself, hahhh..."

"Oh Well Time to go to bed." He walked to his bedroom, got out of his clothes, then jumped onto his flat bed which gave zero comfort to his wounded soul ( From Work ).

His mind wondered off, falling into a bliss environment... Dreams, a place where his mind could just watch and enjoy the scene.

Strangely, he felt that he could control himself. "Lucid Dreaming ?" (A/N - Controlling Dreams) Then a asexual voice appeared in his dream "Nope. You Sir Have Died." Surprisingly he didn't feel bothered by it, just confused as to how he died. "How did I Die?" He asked in a calm voice. "The chicken you 'cooked,' it was under cooked and gave you food poisoning, Even in the reincarnation realm dying of food poisoning is an absolute first." Even the asexual tone of his voice perked up "Congratulations!!! You died in a way never thought possible." His voice returned to an asexual tone (A/N- Monotonous tone, No emotions.) " Hah, all jokes aside. You're a lucky soul, once every trillion souls in your universe that person has a chance to be reincarnated with wishes which vary depending on the extremities." He paused then continued " You have a default of five, but that amount amount can decrease and increase, Now decide."

"Hmmmm... Well if i'd want to reincarnate, i'd go with Stellar Transformations Novel world." His calm voice resounding throughout the area. "Hooh... That place huh, while it is possible are you sure you want to be reborn there, because them two people are beyond me in strength, i need to request permission for you to be reincarnated there with those wishes, if it fails you'll be dropped into a random universe.

"Hmmm, them two huh, tell them I'll be the third one. They'll understand my meaning." He spoke in a proud tone. " My first wish is, when is for me to have an even greater comprehension speed in space laws than Qin Yu."

"Two Wishes Taken - 3 Left. " A voice resounded throughout the area.

"What? I Thought there's only the two of us?"

"Huh. Oh that? thats the wish monitor." The presumed god spoke

"Okaay then? My second wish I Wish to be the twin Of Qin Yu, but i Want him to be a genius in terms of internal strength, whereas as i'll get his peculiar dantian. Also i want to keep my memories"

"1 Wish Taken - 2 Left"

"Third wish, i want the timeline to remain the same" The man spoke his wish

" 1 Wish Taken - 1 Left"

" Fourth Wish, I'd Like a soul technique which can improve my soul from the worst, to the top (Heavenly Deity/ Godking)"

"1 Wish Taken - 0 Left, All wishes will be sent to be reviewed by those supreme beings."

After what seemed like forever the review came back

"Wishes will be granted, however according to the wish monitor, they told me that they'll be waiting for you."

"Farewell, young soul I hope you live a better life there." and before the silence came he whispered into my ear " I'll allow you to comprehend the writing and speech of that world faster, you know as a gift."

Then a white light was spread far and wide and fell unconscious

Then, he awoke in viscous liquid, in which he assumed was the womb. Days passed, he fell bored of waiting, and fell unconscious.

After an unknown amount of time he eventually awoke, that was when he saw that he was alone in the womb. Then he was enshrouded in a white a light. He eventually left the womb and was out into the world.

He wanted to let his voice out in joy but all that came out was a cry...
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    《Reborn in Stellar Transformations》