Part Time Star Full Time Dad
28 Morning, Monday
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Part Time Star Full Time Dad
Author :Flat_Moon
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28 Morning, Monday

I woke up at four in the morning, quickly cleaned myself up and had breakfast before changing into my workout clothes.

I then made two clones that will stay with my parents and Rose while I go back to my place to begin my morning routine and stream.

I give a BoxCam to my clones and keep the spare Boxcam with me.

I also give my laptop to my clones and set up an easy to use subtitle system that the WideView supports but due to it being live it late which causes a disconnect between the dialogue and the video.

However I have a method to fix the lateness problem and honestly I might be the only person possible to do it.

What do I mean by this? With the use of my clones I can have them in real-time type in my words to be put in as subtitle.

In addition to this, I bought the most highly rated language packs so that my foreign-speaking audience can also understand.

You see after I posted that image and that video of Sole Piece I've gained a new batch of fans that come directly from the eastern countries like China, Japan, Korea etc.

Which I predicted would happen but the sudden popularity of it was not within that prediction.

Though my inspiration for adding subtitles to the stream actually came from my time learning signing language.

My original of having a little clone in the corner of stream sign everything but then I remembered a better method which was subtitles.

And thus I search for an old subtitle app that WideVeiw supports.

After making sure that my parents had a stable internet connection I then checked my pocket for my house keys and phone.

I then threw up my BoxCam's and the clones throw up their own little BoxCam.

I quickly posted on Humming "Morning, Monday! I'm going live, who's awake and who's joining??"

To my surprise, I was immediately bombarded with reply's in different languages say yes.

After confirming that I would be having an audience I started streaming with one of my clones ready to tell and show the Sole Piece story, the other one had the laptop ready to take my words and turn them into subtitles.

On the stream, the footage was divided down the middle with one side being Theodore in his gym clothes ready to go back home while the other one was his clone in some baggy clothes holding the Sole Piece sketchbook up.

"Morning everyone now you may have noticed that I have subtitles on this does not mean my streams will be scripted but I now have a clone typing every word I say look it translates depending on your region," I said before the BoxCam panned towards the clone sat the dining table with the laptop.

The clone on the laptop greeted the chat with a wave.



[Aqua-Sift]: Dad is such a nice guy👍👌

[Just1Toast]: NOICE

[Lost-Aggresssion]: Sole Piece!!!! UPDATE

[SteamyTurd37]: Dude thanks I tried getting my friends to watch but their English ain't great thx 😇

[S.P_Fan92]: Thx from 🇪🇸

[TheRealJesus]: 🌍 is blessed to have you 🙏

[S.P_Fan20]: 🇯🇵Yes, I understand 谢谢 (Thank You)


S.P is short for Sole Piece it's a fan club with over 30,000 members. They mostly congregate on my Spreddit page named simply Sole Piece.

Seeing my none English speaking audience appreciate the subtitle and that the translation was working fine was a relief, to say the least.

"If your langue is currently not showing up then I have to apologise I didn't really have the funds to buy the other language packs. So if your language is not appearing just spam me on twitter with the language you would like to see" I said sincerely



[WeebMaster696]: Give me my Nami!!!

[LordZzzz]: Sole Piece, please

[TightZippy]: Fucking Mondays 😤

[Big-M-B!ch]: Master, I missed you 😘

[GamerBod]: Where the fuck is my fat relatable dad? Jk looking, good bro

[LadyLuck]: A day without Daddy is just no good😜😍


[ThiCCC-Rear: Donated $80: You look so good. I love your new face SOo much I just want to sit my thick juicy bubble ass on it]

*Cough* "I'm tempted at the offer but I'm afraid I can't handle it," I said while avoiding looking down at the camera

[ThiCCC-Rear: Donated $100: We'll use the clones. If I see you in IRL were doing it no negotiations]

"Then the question is can you handle. . ." I stop before my clones dissipate and repeat next to me with one more as I continue with all of us speaking ". . Us"

We look at the BoxCam with a smug grin and a suggestive eyebrow raise.



[WeatherDude]: 🚨 Swim Dude! Swim! It's a flood and its coming in fast 🏊‍♂️


[SmallMuffin]: No but I can try 💋💞🌊

[PhatPuss]:🦴🦴🙋🏻‍♀️🦴🦴💦💦 🌊

,[Big-M-B!ch]: Yes, please

[ThiCCC-Rear]: I have the perfect ass 💦💦 🌊

[LadyLuck]: All four yes, now, address??💦💦

[Coffee_N_D!K]: I'm a freak just try it💦💦

[EatPuss]: I'll do it 💦💦

[ThotPatrol]: 📁Case File Theodore Hunt death by drowning in Thot liquid R.I.P


"Hahaha you guys are a good laugh," I said with a funny smile

"Let's get to what we're doing today. Morning exercise as per usual but a new routine for this week. We'll be continuing where we left off on the Sole Piece. Some musical-themed entertainment later a bit of magic and then just chill and talk" I said simply



[SoAmbiguous]: Sound good 👍

[xXQuickScope22Xx]: Hype 🔥 🔥

[SettleWithMe]: Music??🧐

[QuiteNoise]: Let's get it 🥳🥳

[OtakuFPS]: Nami San!!!😍😍


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    《Part Time Star Full Time Dad》