Panic room
2 Lynn
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Panic room
Author :Nonoki
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2 Lynn

"Lynn, get your butt out of bed your going to be late" my mom yells from the other side of the door.

"Ngghh, I dont want to go" I sigh.

Dont you ever just wish you could let your dreams consume you, I do. Especially the dreams that make you feel like you're in a daze all day.

I get up from my bed and start going through my closet. Ripped shorts and a tank top or a lacy shirt with black pants. I don't know if I want to look mature or casual. I end up takeing the lacy shit with black pants.

I almost close the door when my mom comes after me to give me my lunch.

"Thanks mom" I smile.

"Lynn, I have been called to a meeting in the states so I wont be back for at least a week".

"Oh,Ok mom, be safe" I hug her for what seems like an hour, I kiss her on the cheek then head to school.

School. The part of your life where you learn about the adult life. Useless. First period I have a project that I didnt even bother doing. I was once known as the teachers pet. Cliche right?


I turn to see Ann running down the hall. Shes not going to stop in time!

"Next time watch where your going".

She gets up wipes the dirt off her skirt and puts a hand out to help me off the ground. I take it.

"So tell me why you knocked me to the ground".

"Sorry, I have great news" she squeals. "Well i wouldnt say good new, but its news".

There she goes again.

I close my eyes take a deep breath. "Do I want to know?"

"It involves his family and since you guys started talking i figured Id tell you, although I did over hear it from a group of guys. It could also be a roomer so, just beware".

I exhale

"What is it" I ask.

"Ok so while I was on my way to the washroom, I heard some guys talking about the new kid Ace so I decided to listen, and they said that Ace's family died in a plane crash just yesterday".

"His family?"

"Yeah so I, find it kind of weird that he wasnt on the plane with them, why did only his family go on vacation and leaving Ace behind, it wouldnt make sense to leave him behind. After all they are family".

"That is weird," I say trying to make myself sound curious, but honestly I didnt really care.

"Why dont you ask him" I jesture to Ace whose standing right behind her. Ann slowly turns her head then jumps back.

"What the hell Ace"

"I hear some hot ladys talking about me?" He gives a small smile that reminds me of, him.

"Wouldnt you like to know" I say smirking.

"Lynn, im going to look into it and find the truth".

I roll my eyes. "Whatever".

"Want to walk to first class with me lynn?"

I nodd slightly.

We head to class, side by side.

How I long to be alone with him.

School ended 10 minutes ago, and I still have work to do for the teachers. Teachers pet. I turn the corner,

"Ace, I'm, sorry" wow so embarrassing. I just had to drop the books.

He laughs abit then bends down to help pick up the books. "Im sorry, I wasnt watching where I was going" I feel my face getting hot. "I was on my way to find you actually" his vanilla voice is so intoxicating.

We finish picking up the book and he takes half of the stack.

"You dont have to help me you know" I look up at him. Hes blushing. So cute. He trys to hide it by putting the back of his hand over his face. He looks away.

"Hey, I made plans for karaoke night with my friends tonight, do you maybe want to come?"

We start heading to the library.

" yeah sure it sounds like fun".

"Ok so I'll pick you up at 7, want to exchange numbers?" I say while taking out my phone and handing it to him, he starts to get his.

"Yeah sure".

I take his phone and type in my phone number. Once we finish I hand his phone back.

"Lynn I would rather pick you up, but im not sure where you live so,"

" thats fine then we just can meet up at the karaoke bar, I'll be there around 7:10". He looks disappointed. That I didnt give him my address, I wouldnt mind giving it to him, but Im to nervous, I've never invited a guy to my house before so.

We finish with the "book task".

"I have to head this way for something, see ya at 7, im looking forward to meeting your friends" he smiles and goes the opposite way. I wait a while before heading home.

Love is a strong word, so is hate. I cant decide. Its one one of those times when you have to decide if the new guy is loyal, or a player. Nethier at the moment.

...later that day...

I go through my closet only to find cobwebs. Ugh I've warn everything over and over, I need knew clothes. I grab my phone. 6:20. I'll call Jacey. She picks up the phone after three rings. "Yea lynn" she asks. "Hey im going out with some friends you mind if I borrow an outfit". All she has is sexual clothes and some cute clothes. "yea come on over". "Ok thanks jacey, see you in a bit". I hang up and hurry downstairs, I grab my bag and head out. It only takes 5 minutes to get there.

Once I get to Jacey's house, I'm greeted by her mom, she tells me Jaceys upstairs. So I head to her room. I peak in her roon but I dont see her, I creep in ,'tip toeing across her huge ass room. I still dont see her. "BOO". I jump half way across the room and fall. Jacey falls to the ground laughing. I cant help but laugh to. "Your to easy to scare" she says still laughing. I rool my eyes, "so about the outfit I have to be ready by 7". " yes I have a few outfits ready for you, I know you like the cute and mature style so that what I picked out, follow me". I do as I'm told, she leads me to her walk in closet she has three outfits already lying on her table. The first is a knitted light pink sweater with Caprice. Second is a short black dress with pieces missing, but filled with mesh . The last is a red crop top with light blue jean shorts.
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    《Panic room》