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My Last Words to you
Author :seersaoirse
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Nathaniel; a renowned doctor with a great family and good life received a letter from Sarah, a woman from her past. As he read the letter, he learned that she still love him even after all these years. The letter made him reminisce of their past; the time they were madly in love with each other, went to different kind of places, and enjoyed a long walk at the beach together and the sweet scent of Sarah's perfume. The words made him remember of the life they used to have; happy and care free. But as the letter progress, he discovered why Sarah, despite of a great relationship they had, still chose to break up with him and moved away. Sarah had a brain cancer and suffered from it. Her family sold all of their possessions; their house, cars and everything just for her treatment but she didn't made it.

Nathaniel read a line from the letter that says "Even though you were far and my hands can no longer feel your gentle skin, take good care of her and treat her as if she was me" It struck him and after he finished reading the letter, he felt bad that he didn't search long enough for her. But he cannot change the past nor bring Sarah back and he also have a family now.

At the seventh anniversary of Sarah's death, an elderly man knocked on Nathaniel's door, it is Sarah's mom holding the hand of a child with hair that looked like Sarah's. Nathaniel asked what Sarah's mom is doing in his house and how did she find him. Sarah's mom explained that they've always known how Nathaniel's life had been and they don't want to bother him anymore, because he already has a family but he has the right to know and Sarah's daughter, Rowena, their daughter deserves a father. Sarah's mom told Nathaniel why Sarah didn't survive because she chose not to. Treatment would kill baby Rowena so all their family's money were spent to keep the baby alive.

The line from the letter which struck him the most wasn't directed to her new wife but about the fruit of Nathaniel and Sarah's love. Nathaniel explained it to his family, they were upset at first but his wife cannot blame a motherless child and his children cannot stay mad for a long time to their half-sister. They treat Rowena as their family and the relationship among Nathaniel's new family and Rowena improved as the years go by.
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    《My Last Words to you》