My Cold Lover
2 Chapter 2
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My Cold Lover
Author :TireniOluwa
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2 Chapter 2

Lois POV

" He told us that she must get to Him unharmed ", I heard a voice say.

" What are we going to do now", another voice said.

I groaned and tired opening my eyes widely... "Ouch" lifting my hand to the back of my head...

I noticed that Big guy and other guy where staring at me. I was now in a car.

" Are you Okay?", Other guy asked

" Do I Look OK??"

" Nah" , Big guy replied with an indifferent attitude.

" Where are we going?? "



" crk crk"

"I said , Where Are We Going?? ".

Still no reply.I swear I heard a cricket sound.I took of my shoes ,rolled down the window, getting ready to jump out.

" Hey , get back inside"

BG ( Big guy) was pulling my arms in and OG ( Other guy) was trying to drive. OG parked the car and decided to come out of the car. Next thing I saw was he bringing out two things.. A syringe and a Gun.." Choose"

I got out of the car completely, kicked him in the nuts, took the syringe and stabbed him in the neck with it. He fell. Big guy decided to show himself but I raised the Gun telling him to back off. He took his gun and pointed it to me , .

" you can't do anything to me, unless you want to live. But that doesn't go for me"

" Like you can do anything with that"

I shot near his foot

" Try me...Now drop your gun Big guy"

" The name is Nate"

" Do I look like I give a flip, Drop the gun and move away from the car"

He moved away from the car and dropped the gun.... " kick the gun over to my side" Action movies and books played a big role here . I ran into the car, Drove away from them having no clue where I was.

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    《My Cold Lover》