My Cold Lover
1 Chapter 1
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My Cold Lover
Author :TireniOluwa
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1 Chapter 1

I am standing waiting for Mr. Shu to come out from his office . In case you are wondering my name is Lois Shu, I am Mr. Shu's niece and We have been having issues with the Shu enterprise. It started when The Dangers started the IT business which we were popularly known in Kings Cross. Now all our Important customers have moved to The Danger's.

The business is at the brink of crashing and the only choices we have is either to sell our business . My uncle having no child or wife has only me as a relative. Today he told me to come to his office. I hope we have found a solution now.

" You can enter now ", Miss Anne; My uncles secretary said.

On entering, I saw two good looking men sitting.

"Hey Uncle"

" Hey Lolo"

My uncles eyes didn't meet mine. I was panicking, this was the first time this has happened.

" You'll need to come with us, Miss Shu"

Good looking guy 1 stated, I think I'll call him Big guy.

" I'm not going anywhere with you until someone explains what is going on",

" Lolo, I'm sorry I tried so much to find a solution to our problem but this was the only way "

" What's That"

" Mr. King decided to help us, He said the only condition is that you marry his son "

" WHAT!!!!, please tell me is not that Mr King"

Mr king is the notorious Don of Kings Cross. His son, Kim King is the CEO of the Dangers. Kim was rumored gay because no one has seen him a female . His reputation as second in line In the Dangers gang wasn't kept under

wraps. They are above the law. Anything they say goes , If you messes with them you are dead.

" Uncle , there has to be another way "

" I'm sorry Lolo"

Next thing I knew was I was seeing black spots .

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    《My Cold Lover》