Martail Harem
4 The Sword of Destruction and Creation
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Martail Harem
Author :Raka_Bye_Baby
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4 The Sword of Destruction and Creation

It has been a week since Yan Feng has been 1 week since Yan feng was r*ped by those women.

Yan Feng: Why did this have to happen ro me. Well the past can't be changed.I feel like I forgot something that i had since I got here..... I GOT A SYSTEM!?!?!?!?!?

<Yes master, you have a system>

Yan Feng: System from basic knowledge from games withe systems you should have a store.

<Yes master, do you want me to open 'STORE'>

Yan Feng: Yes.


Current Points: 1000000 SP

Martial Arts:

Basic Martial Arts: 1000

Intermediate Martial Arts: 10000

Master Martial Arts: 100000

Demi-God Martial Arts: 1000000

Demi-Satan Martial Arts: 1000000

Godly Martial Arts: 10000000

Satanist Martial Arts:10000000


Sword [Rank F] *basic wood sword* : 10

Sword [Rank D] *stone sword* : 100

Sword [Rank C] *iron sword* : 1000

Sword [Rank B] *gold sword* : 10000

Sword [Rank A] *diamond sword* : 100000

Sword [Rank S] *destruction and creation* : 1000000

Sword [Rank SS] *sword of Hercules* :


Sword [Rank SS] *sword of Hades* :


Skills: LOCKED

Bloodline: LOCKED

Yan Feng: System, why are the Skills and Bloodline tabs locked?

<Master is not qualified as of this moment to view those tabs>

Yan Feng: 'STATS'


Name: Yan Feng

Title: Exiled son of Yan clan leader, [Survivor]

Age: 16

Bloodline: Demon God

Skills: Demon


Vitality: 96

Endurance: 73

Intelligence: 132

Wisdom: 96

Charisma: 278


Blood rain, Fire storm

Yan Feng: Ok I've gotten stronger.

Yan Feng started to walk to town. When Yan Feng got to town people started to make fun of him, but they didn't know what was under his mask. {Yes he has a mask}. Yan Feng took off his mask and when he did he had long white hair, dark brown eyes, and he had a very good build.{No one paid attention to his body at first and he is handsome}. All the girls started to blush and the guys got angry that another man made their girls blush so they all challenged him to a dual. Yan Feng accepted and said for them all to go at him all at once.

RG 1 {Random Guy}: This kid is dumb😈.

Yan Feng: Try me b*tch.

(Time skip)

At the arena there are around 50 guys. Of course one of those guys is Yan Feng.

Yan Feng: Hey guys, you gonna attack me or what?
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    《Martail Harem》