2 Staring!!
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Author :ada_baby
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2 Staring!!

Elena arrived at d party crowded with people, the hall was designed in a unique way making it look elegant. she kept staring at the door entrance hoping not to see her boyfriend with another woman. why because James likes classic rich and beautiful girls whereas she was simple and beautiful from a low class.

Elena will Have peace of mind if only her ex replied her text message, she's not even sure if they still together. she was going to apologize cause its her sickness. whenever she's angry the first thing to do is sent a text ( It's over).

A handsome man filled with a unique Aura, entered the hall looking dashing. He wore a blue native , adding it with a smile. The moment he came in, he scanned the area While he was ushered to take a seat at the V.I.P. Of course that doesn't stop him from glancing at Elena.

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He wore a smile on his face but that doesn't prove he was smiling at her. she returned the smile showing her two dimples. At that moment she recognized a man at the VIP staring at her, that was the same man she saw at the church service.

Innocent wasn't planning coming to the party, but because of Elena he decided to find her . staring at Elena he discoverer she was very young between the age of 18- 19. He was happy that he was discovered by her at least she should have an idea that he's interested in her.

Elena gaze remained fixed on James of course that didn't go unnoticed. innocent sitting close to James already found out and he was fuming with jealously. I must do something to get noticed he thought. although my company is going bankrupt I must prove how wealthy I am.

He left the hall to bring in a briefcase filled with money at least 3 million. that money was supposed to help the bankrupt company. for Elena he's ready to sacrifice just to get noticed by her.
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