Last hope
2 Phase 2: The Plan
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Last hope
Author :CrescentLunar
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2 Phase 2: The Plan

:. Cerberus Unit's Main Meeting Room .:

A slow, steady stream of a dozen and a few more wizards and knights flow through the door from the bleak corridor. Each person had sunken shoulders and hollow eyes, like they all were drowning deep in despair. Marching on the smooth, carpeted floor, each person settled themselves onto a specific padded chair. Perform in a instinctive manner, as if they had done this hundreds of times. Situated in a certain order around the long, obsidian black, rectangle table. A few seats left cold and empty.

An oppressive and austere woman stood at the head of the long rectangle table. Strands of white hair riddled the woman's corn yellow hair tied into a tight bun, pitch black bags clinged onto her stormy gray eyes. The woman was once a gentle beauty, but then the demons showed up without warning and brought the whole world into discord. The austere woman aged 10 years within minutes, her beauty lost behind an impenetrable veil of agony.

A young yet haggard man laid slump on a levitable caramel brown chair, positioned on the right of the autstere woman, the chair sticking out like a sore thumb in the dreary room. His thin frame looked like a toothpick that could be snapped in halves without effort. His eyes shut and his face white to the point it's almost transparent. If not for the fact he was breathing, anyone who saw him would think he's a corpse.

A girl broke out of the line of people and sprinted toward the man that death took a fancy to. The man peeled open his eyelids, his eyes tracing the fiery red hair brightening up the whole room bouncing towards him.

"Drake! You look like the living dead!" the panicked girl exclaimed. Drake wanted to give his lover a small smile to reassure her but the heavy atmosphere instantly crushed it.

"Any chance you have food on you?" He asked instead.

"I have a bottle of water and some bread for you," the girl replied, summoning a piece of bread and water out of her silver space storage bracelet.

"Ah, my pure holy maiden, thank you," Drake said horsley and seized the bread from his girlfriend's hand. Drake devour the piece of bread within seconds of touching it.

"Slow down! You're going to choke!" As if the girl was predicting the future, Drake instantly started to cough and almost threw up. The girl uncapped the water bottle and shoved it into her foolish boyfriend's mouth and mercilessly whack his back.

"Ahem," the woman coughed, turning all the heads from the mini scene and directed their attention at the woman. "Seraphine, please take a seat. I like to start the meeting now."

"Sorry Head Mage Arule," Seraphine gave a formal apology, hanging her head down in embarrassment. Then she took the seat next to Drake and obediently look at Head Mage Arule, like everyone else in the room, patiently waiting for Head Mage Arule to start.

"I'll cut right in to it as I'm sure all of you don't need briefing on the fact that the demons have taken complete control of our world." The room's temperature plunged below zero degree despite the magic formation balancing the room's temperature. The atmosphere infinitely aphotic that it's possible to see the inky black darkness that shrouds everyone. In the last 6 months of struggling to live, thousands of family, friends and comrades departed to meet the lord of the underworld. Millions of scars imprinted on the souls who still wanders Venerhia.

"The chaotic magic the demons wield heavily interfere with our magic rendering it useless. Only magical tools and artifacts are guaranteed to work. However, we recently discovered a particular type of magic that works, God's magic." Arule paused for a moment as she let everyone absorb the information she laid down.

As trained professionals, they didn't talk among themselves but instead question what Head Mage Arule had told them in their head.

'God's magic? With a name like that, how powerful can it be?'

'Is Head Mage Arule exaggerating calling it 'God's magic'?'

These questions rosed in each person's mind, the biggest impact was the fact this is the only type of magic that is reliable they potentially possess.

'Which powerful mage capable of using magic belonging to the gods themselves?'

With a shred of excitement that couldn't be hidden. Everyone twisted their necks, inspecting who was acting strangely, watching who would stand up, looking for any clues to who the omnipotent wizard is.

Seraphine threw a glance at her half-dead boyfriend, then returned her focus to Head Mage Arule, anxiously waiting for the answer as everybody else in the room.

"Head Mage Arule, may I be bold to ask, who can use the God's magic?" Seraphine couldn't sit still anymore and inquired.

Arule looked at Seraphine and give a small smile, then said, "I'll hand it to you Von. As Von is most familiar with this particular wizard."

On Head Mage Arule's left, an elegant man with sharp, handsome features stood up. His large body towering over Head Mage Arule. Arule wasn't short but compared to Von she was a tiny ant. Von's deep brown eyes that mimics a black hole swept across the room. The two black holes for eyes drew people in to stare at the bottomless, alluring eyes.

Everyone sat on the edge of their seats and held their breath as they waited for Von to speak.

"This wizard is none other than my younger brother," Von said, his voice cracked at the end.

All the wizards and knights looked at Von softly, offering condolences in their heart.

"As far as we know, only my younger brother is proficient in God's magic. Now you may be wondering, 'what exactly is God's magic?'," Von gazed at each curious looks coming his way.

"It is something we all know and took for granted. God's magic is none other than ancient runes. Something I once thought was nothing but a bunch of worthless stories written by the Original Wizards. But no, it isn't, runes is something left behind by the gods themselves. Hence the name God's magic.

"As for how my younger brother is concern. At first, my parents and I thought it was gibberish my younger brother made up since he yet to learn Lantilish. But it happens that the first language he knew to write and speak is actually a language utilize by the gods themselves. Which we conclude the gods used for communication, and most importantly, magic. However, none of us actually know how to properly utilize God's magic. Instead we had to forge our own version of God's magic.

"Nevertheless, my younger brother is the best chance we have to win against the demons. We investigated my younger brother's room and house to see if he wrote any kind of spells using God's magic. Drake here is the one who went through all the spells and found a very interesting spell. Drake, if you may," Von gesture for Drake to speak.

Drake tried to stand up but fell the first time. His' pure holy maiden helped him up on the next try by lifting him up as if he was a little boy. Drake's hands pressed down onto the table as he stabilize himself and look up, staring at every inch in the room.

"I found a spell that is able to locate a soul," Drake paused as he looked at the frowns glaring at him. "However, this isn't any ordinary locating spell. This unique spell is able to detect a soul no matter where the soul is. Even if it's in a whole different world."

Dumbfounded, everyone sucked in a breathe as they swallow the chuck of information Drake had given them.

'In a whole different world', Drake's voice rings in everyone's ears.

In theory, there were other worlds beside theirs but no one has ever proved it. Eventually the idea got shut down and not a single person dare waste their life on some fruitless research the top researcher deemed impossible.

On the contrary, from what Drake said there is a chance that Von's supposedly dead brother is actually alive and healthy, but in a different world, possibly a whole new structure from theirs.

"After two weeks of failed attempts, I finally caught hold of Von's younger brother location," Drake continues.

Unable to contain themselves, everyone started whisper among their peers. Excitement bursting from each person. For the first time in forever, when it seemed to be the end for humanity, the overdue hope arrived at long last.

Drake let them whisper for a little bit before speaking, "For the past half year, I've been working on a teleportation formation based off of Von's younger brother's notes. After many tireless trials and errors, I have finally completed the formation. Bringing us to the reason for this meeting. Head Mage Arule will explain the plan."

The moment Drake finished speaking, he crashed back down into his seat. His eyes closed and his head leaning on Seraphine's shoulder as he tries to recharge his drained energy.

"Thank you Von and Drake. Now onto the main topic," Arule said. The harmonious atmosphere disappear immediately as if it was all an illusion. Ears peeled and eyes opened as they carefully commit Arule's words into their soul.

"We plan to sent someone to find Von's younger brother as soon as we can. However, the high level magic we need to use will alert the demons of our position. We need to evacuate everyone from here to a far safe location. But we cannot move in bigs groups or we'll attract attention of a demon, maybe more or we're unlucky. We will divide into 16 small groups. Each day 4 groups will leave in four different directions. This will take at least 4 days. More if accidents occur."

Every person gulped and shudder at the thought what the 'accident' could be. Their hearts quivering with fright.

"Each one of you will lead a group of 10 people, keep in mind the numbers may change. I'll send each person a communication device, storage ring with food and water, and the list of people you're responsible for, complete with the date and time your group will depart. After that everybody on their own. The longer we stay as one large group, the easier for the demons to wipe us out in one wave," Arule's last sentence warning everyone not to stick together for any reason. "Any question?"

Everyone's hollow eyes remained focus on Head Mage Arule, but not a single person muttered a single question or disagreement. Each person knew what their future held when they signed the contract and joined The Cerberus Unit, a force hand picked and trained by the King himself. Regardless, each person had their reasons for joining, it may be because of their dedication to their kingdom, to have access to the sea of resource to grow stronger, or another personal reason.

Once they signed the contract, the effects of the contract immediately cast itself onto the contracted person. An unbreakable vow to serve and protect their country, Venerhia.

No one can violate the contract and if someone tried to, the spirit of the contract will sentence the punishment immediately. The more serious the violation is, the more brutal the punishment.

The King only uses the highest level of contract to ensure the safety of the country's secrets and protect against spies. If a person is found guilty of breaking the contract rule, the contract's spirit will immediately destroy the sinner's heart and obliterate their soul. Preventing them to reincarnate or live a peaceful life in any way.

Arule's gaze swept across the room, searching for any signs of objection in someone's eyes.

"If there is nothing to say, this meeting is settled," Arule sat down and watch as people slowly one by one stood up and filed out of the room.

On the way out, Von taps a slightly taller, dark skinned man on his shoulder. The man glance back and saw Von staring dead straight into his eyes.

"Get Dalton and meet me in private room 1," Von whispered in the man's ear. Then swiftly walk out as if he never stop moving, the dark skinned man lagging behind.

Head Mage Arule saw all but Seraphine and Drake left the room, the duo still sitting on their chair.

"Head Mage Arule, why didn't Von called his brother by his name?" Seraphine asked, curiously looking at Head Mage Arule.

"You're busy nosey dear pure holy maiden," Drake scolded. Seraphine 'hmph' and ignored him.

"This is a well known matter that everyone discuss in secret. I am not surprise have no knowledge of the event since you are always holed up in your little research room," Arule said. She glanced at the door, as if waiting for the devil to come after all they had spoken his name. "The story is that the two brothers got into a fight one day. It was here in the research center, that why everyone knows it. Long story short, Von's younger brother got furious with Von and shouted, 「Don't spoil my name with that foul mouth of yours!」He must have cast a spell because now, no one can say his name."

Seraphine's mouth moves multiple times but her voice refuses to come out. After a while she glanced at Arule, saying, "I really can't say his name. . ."
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    《Last hope》