Last hope
1 Phase 1: The Spell
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Last hope
Author :CrescentLunar
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1 Phase 1: The Spell

Within a lifeless corridor filled with despair, concealed those who hid within. A door flung open and a flickering pale yellow light stumbles onto the corridor. A dense thicket of darkness overwhelmed the puny light that wanted to chip through. The only light that blinked amidst the silent abyss.

All of a sudden, a young yet haggard man tumbled out, shutting the door behind him as he clenched the doorknob tightly, trying not to dive head first into the frosty marble floor. The man drew strange runes with his index finger on the door's lock before eyeing his surroundings, akin to a prey trying to avoid a predator.

With both hands on the wall, he walks down the corridor on the door's left. At first, his speed was at a snail's pace but it steadily got faster and faster until he broke out into a slow jog. This seemed impossible for a man like him, with a fragile body. Yet he was solely powered on his sheer willpower, intent on finding a certain person.

Invisible titanium chains extended out of the marble floor and tried to pin the man down, but nonetheless he continued onward. Even though his clothes were wet from his cold sweat, and his breathing was unstable, he continued onward.

For multiple months, he rewrote spell formation one after the other, his magic being sapped to the point he could only barely life his fingers. In the end, he was able to write a spell formation using God's language and he must report it at once.

As it was their last hope in this accursed world.

Unknowingly, the haggard man rammed himself into the door at the end of the corridor, yet he didn't feel any pain.

"Quiet! What do yo think you are doing at this time?!" The door swung open inwards, revealing a woman whisper screaming at the fool, but her statement was cut short from shock once she saw the fool's face.


"It's. . . done. . ." Drake weakly said as he fell unconscious not long after. The woman reflexively bent her knees and extended her arms, catching the soulless body of a fatigued, young man.
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    《Last hope》