I'm a Mess
7 Chapter Seven
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I'm a Mess
Author :Myweirdstories
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7 Chapter Seven


I wake to hear guns and throw on clothes. I see Johnathan doing the same we grab our guns and quietly go downstairs. I hear shouts and look over to see three guys and a strange man. I shoot two of the guys and then out of nowhere hear another gun shoot. I look down to see blood coming from my stomach. I look to see Johnathan looking mad and sad. He shoots the rest of them and the sniper and gets me to the hospital. And just like that my world turns dark.

Johnathan POV

I rush Valentina to the hospital and call everyone. Her gang my gang and her sis and my bro

Where is she is she all right????

I dont know they have been in there for a bit.

What happened?

We were attacked

Are they still alive???

No we got them but im scared what if she doesnt make it

Then the doctor comes out and sighs. That isnt good...

She is fine bad thing is the bullet was near her heart but we got it out but....

What doc

She is in a coma


When will she be up?

Is hard to say it could be days, weeks, months, or even


Years before she wakes up but she is in good health now. Its up to her whether she wants to wake up or not. Im sorry

He walks away and i rush into the room. And i see her laying down and sleeping. My beautiful angel please wake up soon. I cant live without you

Valentinas pov

I follow Johnathan calling after him but he doesnt seem to hear or see me. I freak out and see the gang and he starts talking to them. About me? Soon a doctor comes out and tells them im in a coma.

No im not im right here!! JOHNATHAN!!!

He doesnt even flinch. I follow Johnathan to a room and see ME! im laying down in this bed and i swear i start to freak out. This couldnt be possible.

Please my Angel wake up i cant live without you

Johnathan Johnathan im right Here please look at me

I drop to the floor and cry i cry my heart out

1 year later

Johnathan visits me everyday and i try to wake up or something or even get him to see me but nothing. I dont know what will happen. So i start walking through the garden and see this bright light


I walk into it and bamn

Johnath pov

I stare down its been a year since see went into a coma. I hold her hand to feel a finger twitch. I look up and see her eyes blink open.

Huh? Johnathan?

Baby oh my Angel your awake

I hug her and start to cry

Babe whats wrong

Y-you have been gone for a year *sniffle* i thought you wouldnt wake up

Well i did and im better than ever. Cmon lets go home


I grab her hand and we run we already checked out with the doctor. And right now we were just running. I dont want anything bad to happen to her again. Because

I love you my Angel

I love you my bad boy
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    《I'm a Mess》