I'm a Mess
5 Chapter Five
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I'm a Mess
Author :Myweirdstories
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5 Chapter Five

After what happened with Johnathan i have seen a whole new side to him. He is sweet one minute but when someone pisses him off he gets all mad and looks evil. And it is hott.

And I thought I was crazy!!! We were walking home when i stopped and heard a bang. We looked at each other and ran towards my house. When i got inside blood, blood everywhere. I look and see my  sister and her boyfriend standing infront of mom who is laying in the middle of the blood.



They look at and smile and walk over

Sis did you kill mom?

She nods and i look at Johnathan

Sis we had to be free this was the way to do that. Now if you want you dont have to marry  Johnathan.

I freeze and look over to Johnathan and see sadness and anger than he covers it up and stares at me. We lock eyes and i feel like all of time stops. I step forward until im right infront of Johnathan. I wrap my arm around his kneck and lean forward. And right when i hover over his lips the door opens. And a cold breeze comes in. We look over to see my brother and boy was he shocked.

Sis what happened

Ask them!

I point to my sister and her boyfriend and they smile that smile when you get in trouble. And when he walks over to them i grab Johnathans hand and run. We run and run. I hear my brother shouting my name but i ignore it and run to my hiding spot. When we arrive we sit next to the tree. I look out to see the sunset over the lake, with the trees behind, And the birds flying. It felt so magical and i felt at peace. I feel someone staring so i look over and lock eyes with Johnathan.


Why did you almost kiss me? Dont you hate me or something?

Haha hate is a strong word.


Should i tell him i like him? But isnt it to early? Well we have only known each other for a month. A romantic movie is faster....Oh what the hell

I like you thats why i wanted to kiss you. You may not like me that way but i do. And its fine you can go back to whoever you were with before.

I was going to continue but thats when he crashed his lips on mine. I felt sparks and i felt all of his emotion. This felt so right. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his kneck and sat on his lap. I felt him put his hands on my waist and it gave me shivers. I moved alittle and opps. I heard him groan and i laughed.

Valentina i wouldnt do that.

Do what?

What you just did.


I thought why not tease him for a bit. So i moved back to where i was before then moved closer.

I heard him holding in some groans.


Haha ok sorry but its nice to know i turn you on.

Haha Valentina you do more than that to me.

Oh shut up and kiss me.

I crash my lips to his and boom fireworks. We may havent known each other for long but i love him. We had a make-out session for a while when i stood up grabbed his hand and smiled.

Why dont we continue at a hotel?

Valentina as much as i want to i need you to know


Im a Virgin....

Oh haha

He looks at me confused

So am I

You are?

Well yeah i went to juvie when i was 14.

Oh right sorry im so stupi-

No you arent now do you want to? Or would you like to make it special?

I want this to be special for both of us.

Ok than lets make it next week. Come with me.

Johnathan takes my hand and we walk. We walk to my friends gang house and when i come in i look around.

Where is everyone?

Boom like that they all jump out and scream

Happy Birthday!


Oh Geez Valentina what the hell? Hurry Blizz will be here soon.


We hide and then Blizz comes in and me being stupid i jump out and scare him.


I fall to the ground laughing then everyone jumps out saying happy birthday


He still got scared so im on the ground laughing


Sorry couldnt help it but you are a scaredy cat.

Please im not

I show him the video Johnathan took and he gets red and i see Star come over and he gets even redder.

Play nice we havent seen you for a week whats up?

My mom was killed by my sister and her boyfriend. Then me and Johnathan got together. And school is over.

They all stare at me and then freeze



Geez no need to shout.

They start agruing so i walk out with Johnathan grab us a drink and walk to the couch and we play a couple of games.

And all i think is. This isnt over yet
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    《I'm a Mess》