His Daughter Naught
19 BRAND: She“s Found My Hidden Treasure
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His Daughter Naught
Author :cLasP15
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19 BRAND: She“s Found My Hidden Treasure

I slam the glass down and belch, rubbing my gut like some drunkard in the bar. No shit! Thanks to my back pain and medication, I'm not allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages. So I've been nursing my heartache with water. Fuck that!

Five days. I've been away from home for five fucking long days and it's been killing me. I miss Heather so bad. Sometimes I just want to break down and go home already and beg her to stay. To forgive me. To take me again.

But I can't do that. I'm so done faking it all. Faking being a nice dad. I can't stomach that character anymore. When all I ever want is to mount Heather every time my dick gets hard. And fuck, my dick is always hard around her. I'm even surprise she hasn't notice it. Maybe because she's so busy burying her nose in a book and shuts down everything else in the world.

My cock throbs as I imagine her lying on her stomach, feet swaying back and forth behind her as she reads one of those tomes in her room. I've always thought of fucking her that way, let her study while I'm busy fucking her from behind and breeding her with my kid. Fuck!

I rub my eyes with the heel of my palms and breathe out a heavy sigh. I think five days is enough time moving out. If it were me, it only takes maybe two days. But she's a girl and a tiny little thing to that matter. Maybe she needs more time going back and forth from my house and to her new place to complete getting her things out.

I grab my keys and leave my room, riding the elevator and finally checking out of the hotel I've been holed up for the past days. I drive to my house, hoping Heather never left and also wishing she's gone so I won't feel guilty again for taking advantage of her. God knows how much I've been guilt tripping with how I thought dirty things about her over the past years.

I park at the empty garage. Her car's not here and dread instantly wraps my entire being. Killing the engine, I step out of my car and key in my door. The house is dead silent and cold. It almost feels like stepping in the cemetery in a winter afternoon.

My steps are heavy and slow as I climb up the second floor, going straight to Heather's room. When I open it, I'm not surprise it's totally empty inside. Just as what I've instructed her, Heather doesn't leave a trace for me to remember her by.

I swallow the lump in my throat as I scan the entire bedroom. When I turn around, my keys drop to the floor and I jump in startle. Heather stands by the door like a dream.

"What are you doing here?"

I don't know how I sound with that question. I've got mixed emotions seeing her standing in front of me. Happiness, relief, scared as shit, shock and overwhelmed. I think I might actually fall to my knees and cry.

"What about you, what are you doing here?" Heather frowns as if she has the right to question me that when she's left my life.

"This is my home. I have all the right to go where I want to go." I answer like a child. "And why exactly are you here? You don't live here anymore, do you?"

"You're right. I don't live here anymore." Heather shrugs. "You told me not to leave anything behind. I found a box of my panties in your closet. I don't know if I should take them with me."

My face burns in shame and anger. Fuck! She's found my hidden treasure. Actually, just one of the few.

"Well, they're not yours. You might be the one wearing them but I bought them with my money. So they're mine in a sense and I'm keeping them."

"But I've worn them and it'll make you remember me. I think I should take them."

"Fine!" I growl and scan her body up and down, my cock twitches beneath my pants. "You want them? You'll have them." I say and walks out of the room.

I go straight to my bedroom, pushing the door out of my way and abruptly stops on my tracks. My cock presses against my zipper when Heather bumps right behind my back. I feel her tits on me before she moves away.
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    《His Daughter Naught》