30 Chapter 30
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Author :Rinkouri
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30 Chapter 30

The sun streamed in from the opened windows in the tavern, making up for the dim lighting in the tavern. Hilia sat on a stool, at one of the tables in the corner, observing her surroundings. Yoan had went forward to question the tavern's owner about any information they could find about the missing princess, or anything to do with the mastermind behind the narcotics being spread around the kingdown like wildfire.

The tavern's owner was known for being affiliated with to the 'spider' or the culprit responsible for this mess. He recognised Mino and Kai clearly, that even disguises wouldn't work against him and Mino had purposefully arrested Yoan and Hilia, to allow them to assume there was bad blood between them.

Mino knew he was always being watched, despite getting rid of some of the spies, he knew his movements are always tracked. That's why, he had to devise a plan to rescue Yoan and Hilia from prison, by causing a huge distraction, to confuse the spies and led them secretly to his private residence. The king would then spread the news that they have escaped, and it was obvious how the tavern's owner would slowly jump to conclusions.

Yoan and Hilia, they just had to convince the tavern's owner that they were on his side and of course, with disguises on, since they were still considered fugitives, Yoan took the initiative to approach the owner. The owner, who was a burly man with a untidy beard, chatted happily with a customer as he guffawed loudly.

He was dressed like a common man, his nondescript garb didn't capture anyone's attention. Along with the bamboo hat on his head, to conceal his face partially, Yoan sauntered his way over to the owner. Settling down on the stool, he raised his hand to call for the owner.

"Aye, son. What do ya want?" The owner grinned, looking at the young man before him.

Yoan leaned in, raising his head up and the owner blinked his eyes, recognising Yoan instantly as the fugitive. Somehow, the owner didn't seem faze, his expression remaining blank. "Ya looking for something, sir?"

Yoa recalled the conversation they had in Mino's private residence, and they specifically told them the name of the drug.

"Vencline, I heard you have those."

"Aye, sir, that we do. How much ya need?"

"A dozen of those, my boss sent me here along with my partner to get it." Yoan nodded over to where Hilia was sitting and Hilia paid close attention to them, knowing it was a sign from Yoan to ask her to wave over.

She did so, and she was dressed in a similar manner like Yoan.

The owner hummed, contemplating, "ya fugitives, Mino, bastard cap'n that got ya'll arrested--a smart fella he is, he'll know. Come with me, be quick."

Yoan narrowed his eyes in suspicion, leaning in even closer. "We aren't going anywhere with you, we don't trust you. Just give us what we want and we'll pay you the amount you need, and done, nothing else will be involved."

"Ya sure about that?"

Yoan widened his eyes, turning sharply towards Hilia. She was being manhandled by a few men, struggling in their grip and her gaze directing towards Yoan.
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