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Author :Iam_Beulah
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I woke up to the sound of a baby crying, sweat was dripping from my body, I was heavily panting and exhausted, it was 7:00am on a Saturday morning, I'm excited that there is no work today. My name is Jack and I am an accountant at J\u0026J Firm.

Lately, I have been having strange dreams at night, strange scary dreams; what makes the dreams scary, its because it repeat itself every night in the same pattern for a week now. I don't know if I'm losing my mind, the dreams are so strange that I doubt if I can tell anybody but I know for sure that I need help.

"The question is where can I get help before I lose my mind completely?" Jack says to himself while looking at the bathroom mirror.

In the dream, I see a little girl sitting on top of a well laughing, she then looks and point at me saying something I can't remember clearly, then I see a sword and hear a voice saying

"will you be able to wield me?"

all of a sudden I see myself on a bed and two naked ladies approaches me, a black haired lady and a blond haired lady; as they are coming I feel great pleasure arising, I began to kiss them and explore their bodies, their breasts so tendered and firm. I immediately pinned the blond haired down and viciously licked her erotic wet pussy like it was the best thing the world have to offer; while I licked the blond haired lady's vagina, I shoved two of my finger in the black haired lady's vagina. I couldn't control all the lustful emotion flowing in, I quickly shoved my dick into the blond haired pussy, thrusting back and front as hard and as fast as I could; watching the black haired masturbate and squirt was amazing.

I had sex with both women simultaneously cumming like there is nothing like self-control, enjoying every bit of pleasure that came my way. Hearing the ladies moan was like an energy bar for me. But whatever have a beginning also have an end. Laying down to regain my energy, I heard a stomping,

"what is that sound?" I said to myself. As the sound kept coming closer, I started wondering in fear, "what is capable of making such noise?" The ladies seems to be unconscious and I started seeing something emerging from the shadows.

A huge hairy creature that is about 20ft tall with its huge penis that was obviously hard, he slowly walked toward the bed we were laying down. Each step he took shook the room, filled with fear I decided to remain quite with the thought that I might die at the beast hands if I make any unnecessary move, he kept walking closer with precum dripping and looking like he is desperately about to devour someone and load them with enough beastly semen, I thought to myself to make a run for it as he have sex with the ladies. He finally reached the bed, grabbed me with all his force and turned me toward my back.

"What is going on?" I thought to myself

"I'm a guy, my ass is not meant for someone to shove anything in it." I exclaimed in fear. The beast tried to shove his huge penis inside my virgin asshole

"Please, Please, I'm a guy, it won't fit" I said hoping he would stop but to no avail.

He then rammed his penis inside my ass.

"Ahhh!!!" I screamed

"Stop, please, this is too much for me" I kept on screaming, as the beast kept thrusting his penis back and forth.

I began feeling pleasure from the beast cock, as I started moaning in pleasure

"Ahh!!!" "Harder, don't stop," I started saying these words as lust was the only thing on my mind.

The beast kept on ravaging my anal hole. I started cumming,

"Please don't stop, fuck me to your heart's content" I kept on saying

The beast lifted me up and we kissed as his dick was inside my ass.

I looked at the beast and said "my ass is all yours, do to it whatever you will:

I was completely intoxicated with the urge and pleasure I got from the insane act that was happening.

The beast then laid down, and I climbed the beast, and inserted his cock into my ass. We continued having sex but whenever the beast was about to climaxed, he started thrusting faster, deeper and harder

I started screaming "Cum inside please, I'm your cumdumpster, Let your seed flow inside of me" but before the beast will release inside I will wake up, either to my phone ringing or to a baby crying or to any random noise. I usually wake up panting, with sweat dripping, but most important I wake discovering that I had an orgasm because of my dream, my ass will be twitching and aching.

Jack started stroking his penis in the bathroom, "if only the beast had released in me, I would have known how it felt to have a sticky cum in my ass" Jack said while stroking his penis and putting his finger in his ass.

"How can I tell anyone that I have been having sex in the dream with a beast and that I loved the way he ravaged my asshole and how I wished it was real?" Jack says to himself.

Jack phone started ringing, he answered it and said


"Jack, don't tell me you have forgotten about our engagement today"

"Sorry, who am I speaking to" Jack said

"Benjamin, so when are you going to get your ass down here, your girlfriend Stacy is waiting" Benjamin said

"Sorry, it skipped my mind, I'm on my way, just buy me some time" Jack replied

Benjamin is Stacy older brother, he also work with J\u0026J firm, I totally forgot about the outing with my departmental colleague and Stacy. Jack quickly showered, dressed and headed out to the restaurant.

"Jack is finally here" Benjamin said

"Stop that, it is a bit embarrassing" Jack said

"So Jack was very excited about cooling off after a stressful week and ended up coming late for his idea" Colleague 1 said

"Jack might try to be a gentleman but he forgets that it is not right to keep a woman waiting" Stacy said

"Stacy not you too, I'm sorry, I did not plan for it to turn up this way, I can kneel and apologize if you that is what all of you want." Jack replied

"Jack you can sit down and stop been dramatic" Colleague 2

"We are only four in my department, I can't believe that I totally forgot about the outing I was hyped for," Jack said in his mind

Jack sat down

"I am truly sorry, I woke very exhausted and tried" Jack said

"Exhausted, who wakes up exhausted" Stacy said

"He must have had a crazy dream last night" Benjamin added

Jack laughs; "you got me."

"So what is dream all about?" Stacy asked

"I can't really say it, it was one hell of a dream" Jack replied

"Hmm, I'm all ears" Stacy said

"Well let us eat, I can't even remember it well myself" Jack said

"But there was a well and girl pointed at me, and I saw a weird sword and a lot of messed up stuff happened" Jack continued.

After eating and having fun that morning at around 1:00pm there all decided to part their ways.

"Some of the messed up stuff includes having sex with two ladies a blond and a black haired" Jack heard a voice behind him

He turned and said who are you.

"The shock in your eyes means that I am right, I am Ted" the Stranger said

"How do you know about my dream" Jack asked

"The well, the girl and the sword gave you out" Ted said

"Do you also have dreams like that?" Jack asked

"No! My older brother usually have dreams like this before he died" Ted said

"The well is the entrance to another world called Exclizar, if you are up for it we can go there and get answers for ourselves" Ted continued

"Do you know how to get there?" Jack asked

"Yes" Ted replied

"What is this Exclizar?" Jack asked

"Exclizar is a world where the highest sexual immorality reign" Ted replied

"Exclizar, that word rings a bell" Jack said

Jack continues "In the dream the girl laughing on top of the well said, WELCOME TO EXCLIZAR"

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