Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!
6 Discontinued but don“t be sad.
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Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!
Author :JexRekk
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6 Discontinued but don“t be sad.


I thank thy people that have poured their power and spirit stones into this novel. But sadly, I shall not write more of this novel.

Reasons why

* Writer's block

* No motivation of some kind, well a lil bit

*Bad foundation

By bad foundation, I mean the base. I started this whole story's plot in mere minutes with no improvement on it. You can't build high with a bad foundation.

I thought of this and that but I quickly realize that the tone and vibe of this novel doesn't go well with One Punch Man.

Das why this novel gaeeeeee.

But! To those that have hope in me, your contributions will not be in vain.

Yours truly is planninf another novel, I will write it until 2020. (Possibly I pinky promise)

I will begin laying the foundations to this novel immediately while I have the chance as I work on another short novel?

I'm currently working on a first person novel about fortnite, interested? I am atm.

It will consist of 10 chapters at least? Maybe...

I will begin my new novel(not the fortnite) at May.

I will try to refine my novel until then along with trying to use more words because I am limited.

The fortnite novel will be released at the beginning of this April, 2019.

It might be garbage but who cares, Bill Gayes started out in his garage, why can't I start out now?

Ty for reading till the end. Make sure to rate this novel a 2 stars or 3 bc wait... make it 2 stars at most.

It's that bad!

Arigato! Not a Japanese btw just a cool dude that knows every language. @@
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    《Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!》