Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!
4 Prologue: Devil Blade“s Crisis 4!
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Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!
Author :JexRekk
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4 Prologue: Devil Blade“s Crisis 4!

All eyes were on the bald man. They all had one question in there mind, 'when did he get here?'

The man gently placed his grocery bag on a nearby wall before staring at the monster.

"Are you a hero?"

The monster asked, he had a serious tone to it. He was wary that some heroes possess insane strength and they couldn't be taken lightly. Such was the case since the Monster Associated fought against the Hero Association.

The man just answered calmly. "Yes, and I'm here to beat your ass."

"Beat my ass?"

The monster tried to gauge at the hero's power and he couldn't help but be reliefed. He sighed as he arrogantly said, "Kekeke! I thought you were formidable but to think your power is so low I can't even sense it!"

What the monster said was partly true. He couldn't see the energy limit surrounding him, which was unfathomable. The conclusion the monster came up with was that the hero's power was too low to be sensed by him.

"I am the monster Demon Cleave! With my cleaver, I cut down anyone who stops me from having fun!"

The monster boasted, he hadn't met any hero since he arrived on human territory so he wanted to make humand feel fear.

The hero remained unfazed as he picks on his nose. The monster saw this and was extremely pissed.

"Your courting death!"

The monster yelled as he slashed with his cleaver towards the hero. A huge shadow loomed over the hero as the monster rushed towards him.


Ting... Ting... Ting


That one word the monster never expected to come out of his mouth.

The attached cleaver immediately shattered and drop to the ground in many pieces. The monster's leg immediatly felt numb and was about to collaspe. If not for his monster pride, he would've beg to the hero to spare his life.

"My cleaver can cut through steel like butter..." The monster thought that this was impossible. He took pride in his cleaver's durability only to be in this pitiful state. "yet he broke it with a flick of his finger. What's more, the fonger he used was the one picking his nose."

"Your cleaver's pretty weak. Is this all you got?"

When the monster first heard his voice, he didn't feel fear. But now, his calm, boring voice was like thunder.

The monster was startled but he still had something up his sleeve.

The crying kid was approached by the monster. The monster immedialty grabs the kid with his right hand. Threatening to crush it if the hero dared to get close.

The hero's eyes narrowed ss he witnessed this.

"Hahahaha! Let me leave without harm and I shall spare this kid's life!"

The kid that was grabbed, didn't have the courage to cry. He was now hoping that the hero could save him but his average-like body made him look weak.


Before he could finish his laughing, a loud sound could be heard.


The kid had closed his eyes when he heard the sound, he felt the grip on his head loosened and someone carrying him gently.

He opened his eyes only to see the hero's shadowy face from the sunlight looking at him with a smile.

"Your fine now."


The kid nodded. He heard blood splattered and turn his back. The kid was shocked, the monsters head and chest were blown away.

The lifeless corpse lying there while leaking a murkish, green blood. That blood was painted on one of the hero's gloves.


Devil Blade couldn't help but be in awe. Just now, he realized that his intimidation of a hero was nkt even close to this man. He gave a sense lf warmth to the people he saved.

It was then that the hero looked over to the man lying on the wall.

"You should get yourself checked out at a hospital." The hero said with a worried look. "Wait.. looking at your injury, it seems its impossible."

Devil Blade nod his head in thankd before he felt lightheaded as he closed his heavy eyelids.


Devil Blade was unconscious, the hero walked up to him and stood there for a good 10 seconds before carrying him.

"If it weren't for your heroic action, the kid wouldn't have survived."
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    《Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!》