Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!
1 Prologue: Devil Blade“s Crisis!
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Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!
Author :JexRekk
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1 Prologue: Devil Blade“s Crisis!

"I'm dead."

Those words echoed inside of Devil Blade. He was on the ground with a serious cut on his back. It was a long line cut diagonally on him.

The color of the deep red blood leaked from him.

"It hurts... someone save me! Anyone!"

He was desparate. His life flashed before him in blink of an eye.


An evil, creepy laugh filled the air. A huge shadow loomed over Devil Blade. He didnt dare look back as he might faint from the sight of the terrifying look of a monster.

Although monsters would appear in this world every now and then, Devil Blade was more of an indoor person writing novels for a living.

He headed outside this time to meet with one of his editor to consult about his latest volume.

Who could've knew that this misfortune would befall Devil Blade!

The monster licked his lips. He was a fat 3 meter tall humanoid being with rough, dry skin covering him. One of his hands were that of a giant cleaver seemingly fused into his hand. It was painted red from all the blood.

It's movements shook the ground ever so slightly as he makes his way towards Devil Blade.

As the shadow gets closer to him, Devil Blade made a last final attempt. With all his might he screamed out the very words that'll make his hero appear before him.

"Someone save me! This monster's trying to kill me!"

As he said those words, snot and tear ran down his average-looking face. The monster stopped walking and begin laughing.

"Hahahah, human there's no other human in the vicinity. Let me end your misery."

As Devil Blade looked up to the monster, his ugly evil grin made him look down in despair.

"It's over..." He muttered. "Goodbye Ms. Kuri."

As the monster swung his left arm which had his cleaver attached to it towards Devil Blade, a child's voice could be heard.

"Hey! Don't kill him! Bad... Ba-bad.!" The child yelled out. He looked to be around 6 years old and was on the verge of crying. His whole body was shaking in fear but his teary eyes had been filled with determination of a... HERO!

Devil Blade felt really touched by this and also sad. To think that a child would stand up for him... he was so emotional right now but his lifeless expression turned grim.

He thought in his mind, "There's no way in hell I'm letting this kid die! I wont be able to rest in peace knowing he would die because of me"

He tries thinking about what to do when the monster looked over towards the child with an annoyed look.

"I hate when these little ones act herioc!" The monster yelled as he pulled back his arm and walked with a very dominating presence.

This was a tough situation for just about everyone excelt heroes. Devil Blade had never really experienced such traumatizing event in his life. He knew he had to at least run away from the monster carrying the kid too but there's no way he could ever outrun the monster.

Even if he was in his healthy conditon, what more, his back had been cut leaving a small gash which bled continuously. The pain for him was unimaginable.

"What the fuck should I do? Think! Think! You worthless shit, you're going to let a child die right before your eyes?!" He gritted his teeth until he thought of a plan that would end badly on him but there was a chance that the child could run away.

Devil Blade stopped looking at the ground and towards the monster's back. "You fucking piece of garbage! Face me like a man... you're such a fucking scumbag killing citizens and running in fear from heroes!"

His plan was simple, aggrivate the monster and hold him off for a good couple of seconds. Letting the kid have a chance to run away.

Will Devil Blade's plan work, or will it fail? Find out next time on Drago... this story! hehehe.
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    《Devil Blade, The Rank 7, Class A Hero!》