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DROPPED Saiyan inside Anime Works
Author :mihaita98
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20 -

'So, did he left?' asked Mark while solidifying his realm in the basement.

[Yes, indeed. Would you like to change the time ratio so he would finish his journey in 10 minutes here, yet 10 years there?] asked the System for confirmation.

'Please proceed and then bring him back here. I will finish in about 8 more minutes.'

And so, after solidifying his realm, he went upstairs just and arrived just in time to notice a portal opening up in front of him.

"Well then, did you have a nice ride in Fairy Tail verse?" asked Mark.

"Yes, in fact, I did. You have no ideea how energetic and glutenous are all of them. If I didn't know better, I would swear that they are Saiyans too, especially Natsu, a Dragon Slayer." Said Jack with some excitement in his voice.

"So you have indeed have a lot of fun. Now then, I would like to know how is your progress from your own mouth and also what have you done all this years?" asked Mark again. He had a lot of fait in his friend, and didn't want to make the System reveal all of his secrets. He believes that when the time will come, they would be able to have a nice conversation if there would be problems.

"Well, I got Dragon Slayer Magic, and I was placed near Natsu. I have even made him my step-brother, but he really believes that I am his blood brother. After that, we grew up together and made almost anything together, and I have also risen his IQ a little by making him study up to middle school everything I can remember, especially geometry. On the other hand, when he found Happy's egg, I started doing missions, so we spent less and less time together, but we did spent a lot of quality time. On the other hand, I kept leveling up a lot with the cultivation technique, and I have already opened 20 meridians. I am not sure if I'm ahead of you in this. On the other hand, I am not sure where I stand regarding my bloodline evolution or soul strength, but I can at least enter Super Saiyan 3 for about half an hour without feeling tired or any side effect." Reported Jack with a proud expression, temperament and aura. His aura is on par with Mark's so he wasn't really effected.

"That's something extraordinary, alright! But could you control all of your strength?" asked Mark with concern remembering his first mistake when trying to open a cane of soda. Let's just say that it wasn't his intention to take a shower at that time.


I am dropping this novel, as i only made actual plans for after the anime arc. As an apology, i have posted this first part from this chapter's draft.
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    《DROPPED Saiyan inside Anime Works》