1 Part 1 : Hurt & Happiness
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Author :donirfan
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1 Part 1 : Hurt & Happiness

Disclaimer: "If I have to give this book a genre then it would be Philosophical or satire Genre book"

Let's starts this with you know what life means to you?

I guess most of us think they do know but actually, they don't.

They are actually confused about it all the time

They are trying to search for the reason why they are alive

Actually, all of us do and I think most of the people are alive not because they have

Blood or oxygen or not even love they are alive just because of

A simple reason called "HOPE". Hope is the one thing that keeps people alive and let them fight with circumstances and other word or names for hope can be friends, parents, people you like and also god . and those people with which we share our problems, happiness, and secrets.

Well, people think knowing a person for 100 years doesn't mean you know everything about the person.

Well, there are sides to a person,

Sides that a person wants to keep it hidden.

You know like every person have secrets there will be some person to who they share their secrets but there will be no one who is going to tell all their secrets all 100 percent of it.

But for the count, his/her friends have known a fair share of them.

and after this comes the hurt we may never understand why people like to hurt so much.

we don't know why people hurt one another and why we still keep them in our life perhaps we keep them in our lives just so they can teach us a lesson. The lesson that no one can learn without experience. I know everyone gets sad when they eventually got that experience.

The real question is how do you live with yourself after the experience. Sad and hurt they cry all day thinking this is the end of the world. My Friend, It's not even close, being hurt never means we should just "GIVE UP".

Look at least this way you have learned something new so be careful next time.

Knowing the people you are with and thinking about who is going to hurt us or take care of us. Being careful is good and all but fearing everything is not. Well, Life teaches us something new at every point just learn the lesson and move on to the next one. There are many things to explore in the world know the real friends and find the real girl or boy for you there is a big and beautiful world outside.

Even after all this, some people will still say,

We can train our bodies but not our mind to forget .... even we have all the time in the world something just can be erased.


Why erase all the sh**ty times from your life do you think you learned nothing from that experience.

S**, Drugs, skydiving its strange that things we do for this thrill in order to feel alive

Can be the same things that may kill us and at the same is true when comes to human relationships. The people we love the most are cable of hurting us the most indeed.

And what we try to hide in life is revealed in extreme situations, our fears, our flows, our insecurity and most of all our secrets. They say an average person apologize 12 times a day often for his past wrong and attempt to heal the wound but some wounds can't be healed no matter how you try. I think it's better to keep it inside and become stronger so that wound will not hurt you even if its there

Well this is the thing that confuses me most of all what is present is like and what will be our future perhaps privacy is thing of the past we can find anything with a touch of the button now that who is loving who is running and who is trying to be hidden the future with nothing is hidden. well, even the kids of famous people are being watched in the like they are doing something wrong all the time no privacy remains no privacy exit. Why must we know everything about a famous celebrity's kids its like we are expecting something already from that they are not interested in. Most of the time I am like I don't wanna become for that very reason I wanna be rich but not that rich to get privacy stolen and my thoughts are like I am a ninja I can move in shadows Hehe.. being that rich can give you some good things too like you can cry in a Benz rather on a cycle, roam around the world .

Wait to roam around the world got me thinking,

"Can a person go to a different and new place every single day ??", I think not.

Well I think at least you should do something new every day, maybe you can't go to any new places at least eat something new every day you can eat something different than us all eating

you may not find it new but maybe your stomach will shout out it's so good and it's new me my body...yum yum..... We there is a saying that " You will never know the value of the yummy food until its all finished " Ok Ok that's, not the actual Quote but this is.

"They say we never know a person value until he is gone."

We just hate the people just by look, we don't know what he has done for you until he is gone...Don't be afraid of the dark cause everyone has another person inside of them who is lonely and want someone to be by their side to see him you have to step in the dark and bring him back to light cause its a big world outside and there are many people who want you in there life just because they consider you important...

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