Beast of the Dragon - Zue's Anathema
2 Erone Tree - Part 1
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Beast of the Dragon - Zue's Anathema
Author :Candygirlf22
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2 Erone Tree - Part 1

A loud alarm goes off and I immediately jerk awake, turning over and falling on the floor still wrapped up in the covers. "Ouch!"

"Callianna!" I hear my brother yell minutes before my bedroom door swung open. "Are you okay!?" My concerned brother helps me out of the cover that tangled my body.

"Yes," I unwrapped myself out of the duvet. "Sorry. My alarm scared me."

"You scared me."

"I'm glad I have a brother that cares," I smiled.

My brother picked up my white clock and looked at it. "You're normally up around this time. Did your alarm stop working?"

"If it did, It wouldn't have gone off. I had alarms set for two different times just in case I did not wake up during the first alarm," I stood up from the floor. "I have a lot of work to do."

"Well, breakfast is downstairs. Dad left for work early today and he said he would be home really late."

"Alright. I need to get dress. Now go," I pointed to the door. He gives me a weird look and leaves the room. I enter the bathroom and take a quick shower. Today's going to be a boring day at work. Nothing new I have to work on since I never retrieved the root of the Erone Tree. That was going to be my next study. That tree is known known to heal a lot of diseases, so I've read.

My mind soon thinks of the beast from last night. Was that even a dream? I remember being chased around the swamp by three dragons, then this one huge dragon asking to take us home, he flew us to the dock, and my brother and I rode home in the boat. After that I had to have crashed in my room.

The beast called himself a dragon. Dragon doesn't exist and no other creature as big as him could exist. It had to be a dream.

My brother was downstairs eating a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. "Hey," I greeted and heard him respond back. Cato and I were twins and for the most part we did nothing alike, but when it came to breakfast, we ate the exact same.

"So, you remember last night at all?" I spoke after grabbing a bowl and filling it with cereal.

Cato stopped eating to look up at me. "What about last night?"

"Did we go to the swamp?"

"Yeah? Why?" He shrugged.

"So, it's true then," I frowned. "I never got my tree to take to the lab." Pouring my milk into the bowl, I then glanced up at him seriously. "Listen Cato, we must go back so I can reclaim that tree." I needed that tree. I already wrote a paper on it and my boss wanted to see the tree himself. After doing a lot of research about it on the web, I found it at that swamp. It's the only one around.

"What? We will not go back. Did you not hear what the dragon said to us? His friends nearly ate us for dinner."

"I know, but..."

"Callianna only a fool would do such a thing. Okay, I get that you're a Geneticist and this type of things may interests you, but doing this just for your research isn't worth it."

I nodded my head. "Okay."

"Just don't do something stupid," Cato said and put his dish into the sink.


"Callianna Ruthe." Mr. Bulleton said from beside me.

"Yes, sir?"

"What are you working on today? I am curious after your team's last discovery. Just fantastic! Did you ever get that tree you were talking about? What is it again?"

"It's called the Erone Tree. It's known to cure a lot of sickness."

"Yeah. If you can bring it into the lab, then that would be great," He glanced down at his watch. "Oh, I have to go. Meeting with the board. See you later, Callianna."

Sitting at my desk, I put my hands to my face. "I really need that tree," I whispered to myself and entered the bathroom and took off my laboratory overalls. Mr. Bulleton would be away for about two hours in the meeting room. That gave me enough time to go back to the swamp and grab the tree. Cato would be so angry if he found out I was going alone. Sometimes it's best to not tell your siblings everything.

It's not his fault though. After the death of our mother, him and father has been overly protective over me. I think it's because I am the only female in the house. Besides Cato is only older by four minutes.

Zue's Point of view

Gliding above the cave, I test my speed, lifting myself as high in the air as I can. Eyes alert, nostrils flared, and heart racing! I'm almost to the red flag until a bird distracts me and I hit a tree. My body tumbles down and I hit the ground hard. "That hurt."

"Zue!" The twins screamed. They were near me in minutes.

"Oh no Beast, our friend has gone beyond the stars," Whiro begun. "Let his name be known as being the most fearest dragon of all."

"Whiro shut up. He just lost control," Beast nudged me with his snout. "Hey Zue, no one won. We waited for you."

"I would have won if you didn't tell me to go back."

"That wouldn't be fair," Beast and Whiro argued about winning the race back and forth til I became tired of hearing it.

"I'm fine," I finally moved after laying on the ground for a few minutes. The pain in my left wing ached horribly. "My left wing not fine." The landing impact really damaged the structure of my wing and moving it nearly seemed impossible.

"Zue, there's nothing you can do if your bones are broken. Do you know that? The only person who can heal a broken wing is Roisog."

Beast is right when it comes to healing. With Roisog and his wife being wizards who study healing properties for the supernaturals, they would be the perfect people to contact in a situation such as this. Unfortunately, Roisog and his wife is in my old world and risking exposure would attract attention and being found by the Drow's remained out of question.

"Hopefully no bones are broken and my wing will heal naturally, because there's no way I am going back to Rafflesia for this."

"Did you bump your head, Zue? A dragon can't fly with a broken wing!" It was Whiro turn to lecture me.

"Whiro's right. It's pure luck none of us became hurt all of this time, but now that you are, Roisog is the only choice whether you like it or not."
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    《Beast of the Dragon - Zue's Anathema》