A stranger girl
1 A stranger girl
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A stranger girl
Author :Samir_Gautam
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1 A stranger girl

A few days ago it was 10 o'clock in the night. It was raining heavily outside. I was sitting for dinner, someone knocked on the door. A girl standing outside was very beautiful in appearance. Her clothes were completely wet and she was very nervous. Before that I asked who you are? She cut my point in the middle and said, "My car has got spoiled and due to heavy rain there is no mechanic around, so can I stay tonight?" Her voice was so sweet that I was lost in her dreams. I dreamt of a child in the first meeting. my eye open when she pinch in front of my eyes and I asked her to come in?

She came inside and took a long breath, I said, while giving towels and clothes. "You are too wet and your clothes are wet, so change your clothes otherwise you will get cold."

As soon as she went to the bathroom I started cleaning my house immediately. My house seemed like a junkyard, all the stuff was scattered around here. At the age of 32, how difficult it is to spent life alone? What didn't I have? A good job, A house of two rooms, A whole lot of stuff and yet I was a virgin in spite of everything. After years, a girl had stepped on my door. she was a stranger but I had dreamed of marrying her, In that rashness I cleaned the entire room in 5 minutes and broke 2-4 cups too. I had just kept the cup of tea on the table, that time her hair splash made me mad.

I'm sorry friends, I'm ashamed to tell you, but the moment I lived. I want to share with you. I saw her dripping drops from her hair was touching her red lips. I was felt myself in the place of a drop of water at that time. My heart beat was faster when suddenly the lightning flared and the towel unloosened from her body. Her naked body was in front of my eyes. My naked eyes had seen everything that he did not want to see. I closed my eyes and turned my face on the other side. She quickly walked into the room. When she came out

                I said ... "I'm sorry! I should not have seen you like this."

                she said ..."Hey sorry what? The mistake was mine, I'm afraid of the sound of lightning , So I missed towel from my hand."

                I changed the talk and said "My clothes got you fit.

                She said ... "Yeah is a little loose but it's okay."

Hey, I kept tea on the table for you, it seems cold. I'll bring it hot.

               She said ... "Thank you but you do not need to do anything, I like cold tea."

             You drink tea, till then I keep dinner on the table.

We done a lot of fun during dinner, sometimes I'd laugh at her talks and sometimes she'd laugh at my talks. We had become a jugalbandi in both of us. I started feeling that this is the girl I was looking for. We did not know when two hours had passed by talking. I watched the clock and were at 12:30am. The rains had been faster than before. I put her bed in the second room and went to sleep in my room. I was about to sleep and she knocked at my door after hearing the sound of lightning.

She said ... "I 'm afraid of the thunder of the lightning, so can I sleep with you?"

The air of my face was blown away. I couIdn't understand what I say? I was dancing from inside but I was absolutely quiet from outside. I pointed to her coming in without saying anything. She was not even 5 minutes to sleep that the thunder of lightning increased my beat. I did not know when she was in my arms. She was holding me tightly in the darkness of the night. Her lips were touching my chest and her hand was on my waist. With her touch, my romance was raised. I could not resist myself from being her. I had fallen in love with her. I wanted to get it but not in this way. I wanted to do all this after marriage but all this was happening so fast that I did not understand anything.

Electric thunder caused my problems to increase. She torn my clothes and got inside me. This time I could not stop myself and I torn off her clothes. We were very close to each other. She was slowly climbing up to me. She kissed my lips. I felt very close to her the scent of her breath. I was living this pleasant feeling for the first time. A realization that destined people are destined. Indeed, if someone wants to see a heaven, then live this feeling and you will get Paradise. As soon as she was kissing the body with the lips, my breath was getting faster as well. Her kiss had wounded my body. My body was water-watery, and I forgot myself in it. Just I wanted to live this moment alive. Her silk hair, soft lips, wet body were forced me to forget myself.

At that time there was a strange event, she had taken me completely in her control. I tried to get up, but I couldn 't? I wanted to say something but she put her hand on my mouth. There was some strange smell in her hand, which caused me to sleep. My eyes were open with the light of the sun in the morning, my head was doing a lot of pain. Perhaps the effect of that smell had so far. I looked around the bed that the girl was not there. I wanted to call her but I did not know her name. I was so blinded in love that I forgot to ask her name. I did not even know who she was and where did she come from? What is the coincidence that we spent the whole night together, but did not tried to know each other? I landed from the bed holding my head. When I looked around my room, my eyes were open to the open. All the items in my room were missing. There was nothing in the room except my clothes and bed. Seeing that room, all my pains were cured. I ran and saw in the whole house, but there was nothing. She had not leave a spoon. I tried to find her but could not find her. I feel sad to say but that stranger girl was a thief. When I tried to know people about him, they told me that a stranger girl, comes out in the darkness of the night looking for a virgin man and she loots all his belongings. My heart was not ready to accept, how a beautiful girl could be a thief? People advised me to complain to the police, but I did not do that because I had fallen in love with him. she was a thief but she gave me a few hours of happiness, was very precious to me. I can sacrifice hundred things for such happiness. The girl had given me the love which I expected from my family. I will keep this memorable moment for all my life. The bathroom taps were maybe left open. The tip - tip sound distracted my attention. While closing the tap, suddenly my attention went to the mirror. I read, had written her name in it???......

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    《A stranger girl》