Why i always say "nothing is impossible" ?

April 17, 2011

Hi Friends, its 17-04-11, 04:50:10 (early morning in Melbourne) yesterday night i drunk too much with friends had dinner actually you can say early morning breakfast and slept and all of a sudden woke up at mentioned time and was thinking about one of friend so not able to sleep again went outside simply wondering here and there this is first night i was on the street and i realised in fact i was not able to differentiate whether it is night or day, people here on Friday and Saturday night enjoy like anything. Anyways so what i was telling about "Nothing is Impossible" as the title of this post and this is the true story.

One of my childhood friend (Satish) we studied together up to 10th class then i choose engineering and his financial condition was not good enough and also was not interested to to study further so somehow he completed 12th because for Indian Military that is the minimum education it is require. after that since last 8 years he is attending all the military exams (physical, written and oral) but no luck.

Sometimes it happen but for the person like him he is simply trying to get one thing since last 8 years we can even not guess how much frustration he would have gone through. If i would bin his place i would have simply quit may be after 1 or 2 years but he did not.

All the people from his/my village started calling him "Major" one of the reputed position in the Military after 2 years because of his continues failure in the exams he always use to tell me Raj you can not imagine how much these people's taunt irritates me, and my as usual answer - don't worry man "Nothing is impossible" you just give your 100% and believe yourself  one day you will definitely go through.

So he did keep trying not only for 3 or 4 or 5years its exactly 8 years 2 months for getting into Indian Military and yesterday i received call from him and telling me most awaited good news "hey Raj i am in BSF (Border Security Force)" OMG!! you can not imagine how much happy i was and definitely everyone else why not?? and that's the one reason i drunk too much yesterday to celebrate the success of my friend. and that's the reason i always say if we do the things with full dedication and hard work we will get what we want may be late but we will one day. so my dear friends just keep this in mind  "Nothing is Impossible !!" and start doing what you like and achieve what you want don't even think of quiting let it take how much time it takes.

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