Trading Goal in Stock Market

June 14, 2009

Whenever someone tries to get his business for profit, he must be having some targets or we say Goals In his/her mind, right? So, stock market is also one type of business and people should keep some Goals in their mind. Here we are going to know 3 important Targets about Stock Market..
3-Important targets to achieve :
You should stretch your comfort area to grow high.
Always be clear and to the point about what you want.
Create some good ideas to measure your progress.
Here I'll have to mention that the You must preserve what you already have, never try to invest all that, otherwise you will be no more in the stock market. Preserve your capital whenever in doubt, and 2009 may end up being your most profitable year yet! Same formula can be applied for year-2010 if it succeeds in 2009.
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When you set your targets for year-2009, don't just focus on the results you want - be sure to include details on the process which you're going through to achieve those results. It's one thing to say you want to make X thousand rupees this month, but it's another to pair that number with a quantifiable method of scanning and sorting stocks or a specific trading tips. Put your specific targets down with a specific plan for achieving them, and you'll be much better prepared for revisions later if necessary.
Once you've set your targets, monitor them regularly! Write them out and sign them. Tape them the side of your monitor - anywhere that you will see them on a regular basis to remind yourself what you're aiming for and where you're targeted.

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