How to do SMART INVESTMENT in Stock Market.

May 6, 2009

• Read about the fundamentals of the stocks and the market, attend a seminar or take a class on investing and review online financial sites.

• Set your goals based on your financial position and a stock-picking strategy.

• Don't ever buy a stock without first learning about its business and who its competition is. You want to focus on the leaders in an industry.

• Invest in what you know. Consider the stocks of local companies with which you are familiar and in which you have confidence.

• Check out the past of the stock that you are going to buy.

• Invest in more than one or two stock so that lose in one stock can recover from the profit in the another one.

• Buy stocks that you will feel comfortable holding. Resist the temptation to dump a stock the moment its price drops a few percentage points. Give it a chance.

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