Invest in Stock Market Turbulence

April 4, 2009

Investment in the stock market is really a risk if it is not the proper investment (without the research.)Young invester fear not "Buy Low and Sell High", try investing on your own by following these steps.

1. Decide how much you are going to put at risk. You don't want to plop all your money into one investment, but rather take a dabble-and-watch approach, putting a little bit in at a time.

2. Research where you want to put your money. If it's an individual company, look online at their financial reports and press releases.

3. Consider "funds" to spread out your risk. There are two types of funds, Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs") and mutual funds. Mutual funds are groups of individual stocks and are often less risky than individual stocks.

4. Dont buy all the stock at one time, buy a small amount at first and see what happens. Spread out your buying time over days or weeks.

5. Monitor the performance. If it goes down a little, buy some more. If it goes down a lot, you may want to get out to limit your losses. In this market, you can make a lot and/or lose a lot of money very quickly.

6. Think long term.

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